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Aquarium Smoker in Champaign, IL.

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Saw this on Craigslist down in the Champaign, IL. area. A nice looking aquarium smoker.

if I was a little closer timewise to starting my own place Id grab it up.
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Hmm......I've never smoked an aquarium before. PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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a type of smoker popular at the old school South Side of Chicago BBQ joints(tips, spares, hot links). They turn out pretty good bbq
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I just recently saw one at a BBQ place in Harvey, quite impressive.
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hmmmmmmm...............i've got a 6' 125 gal tank.
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Are you sure thats not out of a funeral home?? Just kidding but it big enough to smoke a large person or a really really big pig or maybe a whole cow.
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Posting has expired. eek.gif
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what he said^^^^^^^^^^^^^.
i missed it
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Just ignore Joe, Jim.

He's just pizzed that most good things come from Illinois.


Here's a google search of a Aquarium style smoker

Photo by GWiviott
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