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Finishing sauce for Chuckie.......

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Planning on my first Chuckie tomorrow and was intrested in your recommendations for a finishing sauce after it is pulled. Thinking of trying Rivet's KC style.

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Let me bump this post. I can't offer any suggestions, perhaps someone else can.
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I'm sure Rivet's sauce would be great on the chuckie, go for it!
How are you cooking it, meaning temp and such.
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Thanks, FIU. I don't have it on yet. Rubbed with a light application of my standard rub I use for ribs and pp - brown sugar based with onion, garlic, herbs, etc. Not heavy like I do ribs.

Plan to smoke at 225-250 with lump and hickory to 165 then foil to 205.

Sound OK? This is my first one.

Will do Qview.
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Sounds like a great plan, good foiling time and temps.
You don't technically need to use a sauce for a chuckie, Rivet's is a good choice if using one but they are usually so tender than you could go either way.
Since it is your first be aware that there is a good chance you will run into a stall during the smoke, depending on the size and thickness of the chuckie will make a difference but normally they will stall for 45 minutes to an hour+

Good luck, you're going to love it.
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What he said...
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Thanks, guys.

FIU - thanks for the advice. will look for the stall. This is about a 3 1/2 pound roast.
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Easy. Jeff's Sauce, Dewey's Dirt Road Sauce, Bone Sucking Sauce or Blue Front Sauce. icon_mrgreen.gif
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Did it up tonight with a bit of Rivet's Memphis style sauce - gerat!!!!
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