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boston butt

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so my dad got this big ol boston butt for mom to cook in her new slow cooker with taters and such..only problem was that she had to cut it in half to fit it in she gave me the other half for the smoker. with it being cut in halfwill it have any effect on cooking it? like would it dry out or anything? also at what temp should I pull it?
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No it wont matter with it being cut in half and a far as what temp to pull- depends of if you want to slice or pull...Slice is 185-190 and pull is 200-205
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should have no problem with drying out & the temp depends on what your plans are if ya want to slice or pullicon_question.gifpullen temp is around 200° slicen is 160° to 180°icon_smile.gif.
hope this helps
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What I like to do for temps is to pull at 165 for slicin and 205 for pullin.
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thanks guys..I'll put this thang on in the morning and post some qview
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You shouldn't have any problem with it dring out cause there is still alot of fet and other things inside of the ham to keep it moist. So go smoke this thing up and lets see who's ham is taste better. Remember she's you mom.
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well I gotta say hers is pretty good. I just put mine on so we'll see
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Can't wait to see it!!
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been on since's 6 pm now and she's been in the foil for about in hour..up to about 171 right now.
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got the cam charging up to take pic..she's up to 194 right now..gonna pull her off at 200 or so and stick it in a cooler
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bone removed ready to pull

sweet baby ray on top

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Looks good. Sweet Baby rays is my choice too when using the bottle. points.gif
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