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What I got for my Birthday

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Well today is my birthday and two of the things I got were Rytek's book and a big ol bag of hi-temp cheese. Its a blizzard outside right now, looks like I got thing to read while waiting the storm out....

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Happy Birthday my friend. You'll enjoy reading the book, or at least some of it.
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Happy birthday and enjoy the book, good read for sure. Read the chapter on how he got started.
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I just got the book and relly enjoy reading it. Congrats and Happy B-day!
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Happy Birthday and great presents PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Well what more could a guy ask for? Two great gifts for sure. Happy birthday to you. You say its a blizzard outside right now? You in Minnesota by chance? Im in preston, south of Rochester.
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Enjoy. Love tha book. That cheese is pretty good also. Good luck.
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Happy Birthday and enjoy the book and cheese....PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Well Happy Birthday and thats book is a great read to.
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Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to youuuuu! Ha

ppy birthday dear, happy birth daaaaaay tooo yooouu!

Ok so I sing off key a little its the thought that counts.

On my birthday I hinted and hinted for Rytek's book but got something different instead. When I opened the Gordon Ramsay cook book I was delighted because I am a cookbook freak I haunt second hand book stores but I have most of Ramsays stuff already. As I opened it hoping it was the sausage making bible my wife said I hope you like it, that other one sounded so dull, just some old sausages and stuff. There's just some stuff women don't get. icon_confused.gif

Those are some Great gifts you got, sorry about the blizzard. We have the blizzard without the snow. Minus 14C out and a 20 mph wind blowing out of the north. Darn cold but the driving is good.
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I took Ron's advice and read the chapter on how he got started. As always, Ron was right in that it was a great chapter. Always interesting how determination will make something you always wanted to do finally become successful. Snow has ended in south central minnesota, but there still is a 30 to 40 MPH wind. At a temperature of 6 degrees above makes you wonder what the windchill is? Taking some venison out of the freezer to unthaw for the weekend. Suppose to be 16 degrees above, perfect weather for a pair of shorts, cold beverage and smoking some sausage biggrin.gif
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Meat Hunter, I live outside or Mankato. We had about 8" but I'm guessing you got me beat!

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