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deer summer sausage

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ok here it is aged for 5 days befor we sliced it wow this taste great with just a little spicey heat.

thanks for looken
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Ok Morkdach don't tease us. They look delicious but could ya share some information, like what were the cheese's and what was the recipe. nice job, I got to get busy on some myself.
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I have a few questions on your summer sausage.
First, are your summer sausages hand rolled and not stuffed in a casing? Reason I ask is I am not familiar with using netting for summer sausage.
Second question what is the reason for the 5 days of aging?

I am only familiar with using cure, stuffing, smoking and then a cold water bath for summer sausage. Look forward to hearing more on your process and by the way, the summer sausage looks great !!!
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You have to tell

I was thinking of using string cheese, dropped in the casing when I was filling it, wanted to do it this weekend, but could not find any starting culture.

I still have not figured out it I need it but the recipe in Rytecs book calls for it so I will order some.

Looks Great
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ok for the cheese one is a high temp cheeder & the other is pepperjack these are kroger brand.
the reason i age it for 5 days has nothing to to with curing it ages well and the flavors blossom. the mustard seed seems to jump out at ya more.
i used to stuff this in casings but now i just hand roll it and mama likes the net and i can hang it in the nets if needed. also the smoke picks up better in the netting. these were smoked at 225° in plum.
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Thanks for the info...those look spectacular !!!! If I had points left I would through some your way for teaching me some new things.oh and great photos also
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I'll add points, the information and end product looks so good, I have to try it this way! Thanks for the post.
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Terry they look awesome and I'm sure taste better nice job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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great looking sausages brother....great jobPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Netting Idea

Great Idea on the netting, got to order some today supplies. it will be on the list.

Any way to get the recipe out of ya? Been gathering recipes and all I do is get confused. Mostly about the fermento and cultures and such.

I would really like to see the stuff that goes into yours they look great.
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