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Honey Loaf Lunchmeat

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This weekend I’m trying out a new recipe that I got form Len Poli’s web site. It’s the Honey Loaf lunchmeat. link to recipe
Basically its pork butt, honey, salt, sugar, pepper, cure #1 and a few other spices, stuffed into a 4” casing and poached at 180° till it gets to 160° internal.

My first mistake of the morning was I forgot to take pictures till after it was stuffed.
Second mistake was after I stuffed the 5 pounds into the casing I realized I don’t own a pot big enough to cook a 16" long sausage, so I needed to divide it into two 8” chubs.

Next problem was it called for a waterproof casing which I assume is a plastic one, and I didn’t have any so I did the next best thing and made my own with the vacuum sealer.

I’ve poached sausage in hog casings before without issues, so I was thinking the fibrous would be fine in the water too, but when I do a new recipe I like to follow it to a T that’s why the vac seal. Plus it will be interesting to see what it’s like with no weight or moisture lose.
Then into the 180° water for about three hours.

It’s been in for about an hour, I’ll probe it after 2 to see what the temp is.
Well that’s it for now. I’ll get a couple more pictures later after its done. Thanks for checking out my post.
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Looking good so far. Patiently waiting for the final pics.
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Sounds darn cool as well.
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Dan you did a great job on this sausage. I will be waiting for the extra Qview that is coming from the finishing Pics. Did you happen to tell the good folks here that you ground all 30lbs of this sausage by HAND.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifIf you keep that up you;ll be looking Popye in no time.points.gif
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Then you can truly get your hands on some fresh meat...

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30 pounds!!! thanks for making me sound like popeye , but I only did 5 pounds :) Let me pull it out of the frig and get a sliced view...and a taste test.
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good looking sausage Dan-interesting method.
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Looks Good so far keep us posted on the results...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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sorry for the delay, stuff happened.
OK here they are out of the frig after the cold bath.

and a slice-view

For now the verdict is still out on the taste. I'll need to have some taste testers try it, to me it's alittle to much honey but I also need to say I'm not crazy about honey. The wife had 3 slices while I was slicing for the Q-view, so it can't be to bad.
As far as moister content and texture it is right on, almost perfect.
I'll taste test it again tomorrow when I slice it and pack it up, I'm thinking it might mellow out some.
thanks for checkin it out.
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Man that looks good Dan. points.gif

The recipe link did not work.I would be interested....
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thanks for the heads up Alex, i think I got it working now.
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Yep-works now....Thanks Dan!!!!!

This style meat has peaked the old interest......PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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now SMOKE iticon_rolleyes.gif
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Maybe next time Larry, But I don't think the smoke would penetrate the plastic casing to well biggrin.gif
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It looks great Dan...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Dan,another very similar recipe from Len Poli's web site is for NJ Pork Roll or some people call it Taylor Ham. Its a very regional thing,probably just NJ,eastern Pa and maybe De. Basically take out the honey, 3 lbs of the pork butt (for a 10 lb batch), and add 3 lbs of ground BACON. Slice and pan fry it with eggs,or just a pork roll and cheese sandwich,or replace the bacon in a BLT with this. Its great
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I thought I give a flavor follow up.
I wasn't crazy about the flavor when I first sliced it, but as I mentioned I'm not crazy about honey either. According to my other half it tastes exactly like a honey loaf that you'd buy at the store, so in that respect it's a success.
I tried it this morning with some spicy brown mustard and some cheese and it was good, but then again I like mustard and cheese.
What really surprises me is when I pan fried some and it's very good. the frying seemed to change the honey flavor somewhat. sort of like the difference between a BBQ sauce out of the bottle and the same sauce a little caramelized on you ribs. and the white pepper stands out for a little zing. The aroma was very pleasing to the nose while it was frying, but the smell out of the storage bag seemed odd, not a sweet honey or hammy smell like I'd expect. while I was stuffing it I thought it had a deviled ham aroma. maybe that is what I was expecting in the finish product.

In conclusion, I'll be slicing this stuff up thick for pan fried ham sammies and to go along with my eggs at breakfast.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings, Dan
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That looks and sounds great, Dan. Nice job. It's on my to do list now.
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