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A small picnic question

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I made a glaze I want to try out on a small picnic. I wasn't thinking and rubbed it all down with Head Country rub to set overnight. I am now getting ready to throw it in the smoker but I was wondering if I should skip the glaze now or just glazer over the rub? Not sure how that would turn out so I thought I would consult those who know best. The glaze is a seedless blackberry jam base with cayenne peppers, honey, spicy sesame chili oil, and a little bit of the usual spices like salt, pepper, garlic and red pepper flakes.

While I am on the subject, I am thinking about starting the glaze halfway through cooking process IF I glaze at all. You think it will be fine or too long in the heat?

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That glaze sounds real good I would wait and put it on about 30 min before pulling it off the smoker.
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I'm with her. Smoke the ham and about half an hour away from taking out the ham then apply your glaze and that the way to that story.
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So, I am assuming that you both agree the thick rub won't mess with the glaze any?

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I'm with them on the glaze but it's your call as to whether it's going to be good together. You could always heat the glaze up in a pan and use it as a dippin side so you'll have it for the ham that didn't get the rub on it. I have a raspberry chipoltle that is great as a side with loin. Best of both.
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