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My exchange with Beer-B-Q

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Well I have been busy for a couple days but I received this from Paul a couple days ago..Just like a early more then I was expecting and some really good things.icon_eek.gif We haven't been able to try them all yet but we did break in to the Fiesta chipotle what a great taste of chipotle coming through. I'm really excited about the G-sauce and the Fire & Spice sauce.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif He also through in his go to rub which will be used very soon and the only thing that I have seen in my area is the screaming guy rub, but i have never tried but will. Everything else I can't get where I live so that is great...I luv seeing what other parts of the country are using.
I just sent yours out today Paul......biggrin.gif

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Cool deal.That is some product to sample.....
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Congratulations on a nice haul, Jerod! That screaming guy rub is darn good, too~ give it a try. Glad to see you all having fun with this!
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ooooooooooh............Looks so good.

Lucky Guy.

Take care, John
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I am loving this exchange thing......I will definitely be doing this again. funny thing was I was a little nervous on what to send, but what the hay most people on here like what I like so that's what I did was send what I would use...
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Another great exchange for the records books. I am starting to wonder if Paul (Beer-B-Q) isn't starting his own private exchange business, as he has been really busy lately. pssst...hint hint..I can run a forktruck and know hows to count if yous be kneeded that kenda help.
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Glad it got there safely...

Ya think... icon_wink.gificon_mrgreen.gif
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Another great exchange, Paul send some great items, I'm sure you're gonna love them.
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Just a update on the fire & spice sauce...Great taste and nice wife of all people thought it was pretty hot. I didn't think it was that hot but I am a heat and good taste Paul. I sprinkled some on a ham quesadilla and also in some omelettes.
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I have also enjoyed the exchange with paul too. The sceaming bot rub/sauce it was funny I sent him some and I didn't look at the label. Maybe I should have because it's made about a mile from his house. I have used the rub in the baggie it's good and alittle spicey. You will enjoy theses exchanges from around the country it's really a cool thing.
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