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New to the Forum from California

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Hello everyone, my name is Mike I live in the Bay Area. I am 25, an electrical engineer and work in the aerospace industry.
Found this forum while looking for information on smoking summer sausage. I have been making sausage for the last few years and am going to make the plunge into summer sausage this week. Last batch of sausage was 70lbs of wild boar sausage I made with a buddy. Planning on making some more over the Thanksgiving holiday. Granted we can find some more hogs. biggrin.gif Have not made summer sausage yet but have all the cures and casing coming today. Will try to take some pictures and make a post when I do.
Purchased a 30" MES yesterday and had to try it out right away. Smoked a chicken and pork loin. Chicken was tender and excelent. Loin turned out dry, but I was ready for it as I read this could happen to loins on the forum. I was impressed with the MES and it fits my needs/wants in a smoker. Defintly interested in getting better with the help of this forum.

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Welcome to SMF. Glad to have you hear.
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Welcome to SMF Mike.Lots of MES owners on the site.
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First off welcome Mike to SMF. You'll like it here cause there are abunch of good folks here that would just love to help you out with just about anything to do with smoking. We really like to have newbies here because they can bring in a new propective to how things are done. There's nothing like a new set of eyes to give and new way to make things that little differant to make things alittle better. So I hope you know about the Qview here.
Here's a link to photobucket it's free and easy to download pictures. Then if your really new to smoking Look up the E-course.
It's also free and it will give you the basics of smoking. So after all of that you just need to go grab something to smoke and if you have any question just post them here and we will answer it quickly so you don't have any mishaps with your smoke.
Welcome To Your New Addiction
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Welcome to SMF!! Lots of good folks and information here... PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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welcome aboard.
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Welcome to SMF Mike, you will find a lot of avid smokers use the MES and you will be able to get a lot of great information from them.
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Welcome to SMF. Glad to have you hear and it sounds like you have some good sausage knowledge to share with us.
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Welcome to SMF glad ya your here...Great place to Learn ,thelearning curve is O to 60 mph here in no time you will not have to make the same mistakes I did...lol ....welcome
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Welcome to the SMF.
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Welcome Mike, great you already know what you're doing with sausage, you can only learn more by sticking around on the site.
Hell, you'll be a smokin maniac before you know it.
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Bay Area welcome

Welcome my friend,
I was stationed at Oak Knoll Naval Hospital from 1973-74 when the prisoners came in from Hanoi.

If you are not in this group step aside!
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Welcome to SMF. Glad you joined us.
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Welcome, Glad to have you with us. This is the place to learn, lots of good info and helpful friendly Members.

For Those of you New to Smoking, be sure to check out Jeff's 5 Day Smoking Basics eCourse.
Click Here it's "FREE"... 5 Day eCourse

Everyone here enjoys seeing the Qview so be sure to post plenty of pics...

Large ones that us old people with bad eyes can see.

When you uploading to Photobucket I always use the Large IMG setting, 640 x 480 it is a nice size...

How to post Qview to Forum:

For Step By Step Instructions On Posting Qview Check Out This Tutorial

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Welcome to the SMF. Enjoy your stay.
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Hello Mike, and welcome the the SMF family! Glad you found us. Congrats on the new MES. Those are nice rigs, and lots of folks here use em', so you can always get friendly and expert advice just by asking. Good luck and happy smokin'!
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Welcome to the SMF Mike,We are glad to have you onboard
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Woot! another Bay Area smoker. What city you in? I'm in Martinez. I'm an Okie transplant, been out here since '92.

70lbs of boar sausage must mean you're a hunter? Rare thing in the bay area for sure! Hmmmm... if in fact you are a hunter.. I'm sensing some possible bartering in the future! Wild Boar, Deer, all those things I no longer have easy access too.

Welcome to the forums!
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Great to meet everyone. I live in Hayward, the East Bay. Dont hunt as much as I would like, but if all goes well will head up to Santa Rosa to hunt some pigs this weekend.
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welcome to the best forum around, livin in the bay area is cool, because you can smoke year round.
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