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Looks great! What size axle did you use on the trailer? Also, are you just using the one smokestack or are you going to add another?
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The axle is a 2000 lb with 14" tires.
Yes, this is a reverse smoker so I am using only one 4” stack. Because I am adding a cooking rack in the fire box for grilling, I have a stack on it too and will close it off when smoking.
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It's done.

Got it completed. It as a lot of fun just had to work around a busy schedule but want to share the complete it with you.

Two smoking racks.

Also built a grill for the fire box so I can keep the burger going if just want to grill. Built a storage rack on the back side of the smoker to store when smoking and not needed.

A few completed pictures.

It was a lot of fun and ready to get it to use.
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have you cooked on it yet? looks like a great build! i like the cooking grill in the firebox!
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What size is the tank you used for the fire box? I am about to start a 250 gal project and have limited welding skills. Your design looks like something that would work well for me. Nice work!!!!
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Great job on the build, looks awesome.

One suggestion tho, you might think about adding some support under your fire box. I know its all heavy plate between fire box and big tank, but that thing is going to be bouncing around quite a bit and it may put quite a bit of strain on your welds. The engineer in me sees some fatigue in that area. But overall it looks awesome.
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Congrats on a kick a$$ smoker.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif I have scored a 250 gal for $100 at my local propane company and I hope it turns out as nice as yours.Kenny Gpoints.gif
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Thanks for the comments. The fire box is 22" X 36" (thinking it about a 50 gal tank) but not sure. When I seasoned the racks the I was about to get the temp tp 335F and then leveled it back done to 225-250F.
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Came out great Randy, I want to come over and see it soon.
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