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Belgium beef ribs are on the way -Q view

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here they are

is this a good cut ribs ?

Yesterday I rubbed them, in the refrigerator for 12 hours

Early this morning, did not sleep well (dreamed of my challenge)

in the smoker

just before foiling

I am currently in phase 2

I keep you posted
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Man,Tree they had some pull-back on the bone before foiling.

Just dint over do em in the foil.They are beef after all..........
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They're lookin good, I bet they'll taste even better.
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I think it's too late

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They came out dry
they were not bad of taste,but there is still work to
yes ,we can compare it with anything
I will not give up the courage now

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What were your time and temps?
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How Were They?PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Wow, sorry to see your ribs came out too dry. You've got the right attitude, keep trying at it. The picture just before you foiled them is what they probably should look like when done. You may have cooked them too hot.

No worries though, we all aren't always happy with our cooking and there is always next time!
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my time and temp were
3-2-1/2 and 250 F

however they tasted well,for our first ever beef ribs

thanks for all the help
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next time when you foil em pour some apple juice in the foil then wrap em,, that will keep em real moist
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Those look a lot like some short ribs I did a while back. Your ribs look very good. Here's what my short ribs looked like:

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That was my question did you put any liquid in the foil with the ribs. Sorry abiut the dried our ribs but they looked pretty good and you got one heck of a smoke ring for sure. I was excited to see how theses ribs came out too. Ok well we all have learned by eating our mistakes. So next time I know they will come out better.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gifpoints.giffor sure on your attempted and your next time.
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I have always had better luck on my ribs keeping them on the low side of the smokin temp... 210 - 225. They look wonderful. 25 degrees can make the difference in moist or dry using 3-2-1. Then again, it could have been a dry piece of meat. Dang.... your gonna have to try again.
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Next time I will definitely bring liquid in the foil
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You know...kaka occurs! We probably ought to start a thread for those 'oops' moments we all have! I'm sure I could fill a few pages! icon_redface.gif
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you must not be shy to admit your mistakes

because you learn a lot from these mistakes,and get back good advice
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Maybe next time you can use a pan and cover it with foil. On the ribs I showed they cooked for a little over 6 hrs until they were tender, but spent the most of that time in the pan with a little liquid.

Keep your heat as indirect as possible and let them break down slowly. If they were from the under side or short plate they are closer to brisket than true ribs that most think of. Use that information to your benefit.

Next time they will be great.
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