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Temps for lamb bacon?

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I am working on some lamb bacon. It is curing now. What temperature should I smoke it at? At what internal temperature should I take it out of the smoker?
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So I have a question for you (ain't this a chaange) can you make bacon out of lamb.? If you have a recipe can I have it? I don't know about lamb bacon but I have made some and smoked it but never lamb.
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Lamb Bacon? That is intriguing...I have no idea what to tell you.
I take my pork bacon out at 142, but wouldn't even know how to start with lamb.
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Hey dragonslayer.
Found this link for you to check out.
This guy did his smoking at 250 for 2 1/2hrs or until the internal temp was 140 but he hot smoked, this next one they actually did a cold smoke.

Hope either of these were helpful though personally I would go with the "cold smoke" one.
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Lamb Bacon!!! Well bacon is bacon! Gonna have to look into it. Thanks.
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so if we can assume that lamb is the same as pork we should take it to about 140F, that sounds like a hot smoke? It seems like most people cold smoke bacon? So hot smoke or cold smoke? what temp should I try to get the smoker to for a cold smoked bacon? what temp should I get the meat to for a cold smoke? Also, if I do end up hot smoking the bacon to 140 what temp should I get the smoker to?
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i would go with what Rytek has in his book after all bacon is bacon. It says 135 till dry then close damper to 1/4 open apply smoke and hold till 127-128 internal temp is achieved..after that lower temps and hold till desired color.
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OK the lamb is ready to come out of the brine but I am not ready to smoke it. Can I freeze it and smoke it later?
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