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first jerky in the MES tomorrow

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I am doing my first attempt at jerky in my 30" MES tomorrow. I am trying the Cabela's jerky cure 5 lbs of hot and sweet and 5 lbs of teriyaki. Got a coupon for $10 off any purchase in the mail I was able to get both cures enough for 30 lbs for less then $8 biggrin.gif. I plan smoking with apple/cherry mix. I will use a a torch to start the chips since the low temps, did this with a cheese smoke and it worked well. Wish me luck.


Here is the jerky just placed in the MES.

after the first hours starting to smoke.

finished product. I will say so far the best Jeky I have made.
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Good luck.......and pics, never happened.
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There will be pics. Wife thinks I am crazy for taking them.
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It is my son that give me wife gave up a long time ago. LOL Good luck
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I must stop eating this stuff. The wife is going to be mad since I am full and don't want any dinner.
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Great looking jerky MESKC. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Nice Jerky you have there.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Awesome pics

Awesome Pics, Did you use water in the pan?
And do you have any tips on getting the wood to smoke at low temps
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Hey MESKC, could you give us more info on thickness of cuts you did and how long it took?
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Ryan heres a few threads on my test batches, hope this helps,

Jerky Test Batch#1

Jerky Test Batch #2

Just be careful if you are using tenderquick, thanks to Richtee my next batch should be dead on.
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The meat was sliced a 1/4" thick. I found that it was easier to leave the meat in large sheets and cutting them after. That way I did not have to mess with all the little strips. I set the smoker @150. I put the meat on the first hour without smoke just to dry it out a little. After that I added the smoke for 1 hour. I used a torch to get the chips going. You may need to pull the chip loaded out every so often to get good air flow to keep the chips going. I did hav eto relight once (before I started pulling the loader out). After the smoke I let it go another hour. Since I had to break the batch into two. After the third hour I pulled them and put them in the oven on the racks @ 150 until they were done. It took around 5 hour. After hour four I checked them about every 20 minutes as some got done faster then others. I hope this helps.
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