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some venison sticks today

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Made a batch of venison snack sticks today.
got about halfway done before I remembered to get the camera out
used 15 # of venison and 5# of beef fat.
mixed it all up and stuffed into 17mm collagen casings
in the gosm over hickory right now
will post more when they are done
some of the mix, the brownish color is from the cure
75% venison, 25% beef fat

just getting started

casing on the stuffing horn I made for my enterprise stuffer

all stuffed and waiting at room temp

into the GOSM
I made blocks to sit on top of the top rails so i can make the sticks longer and use all the room. I do not use a water pan for the sticks just a little foil deflector over my chip pan
I run the smoker @ about 140 for about an hour , then 160 - 165 until the stick get to 152* internal
this 20# batch will net me about 14-15 pounds of finished product
thanks for looking!
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Looks great.Sure is a nice pic of all of those in the smokerPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Those sticks look awesome and quite yummy. Like that you can do them in your Gosm.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifNow thats gonna make some fine sticks are they spicey or just regular.
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I can smell the smoke from here.
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Those are looking delicious.
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they are spicey for sure. I add a tbs of course black pepper and a tbs of red pepper to the recipe to give them extra zing
temp right now says smoker 162* sticks 135*
probably about 2 more hours and they will be done
more Q to come
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They look great Uncle. As you know, I am cutting up 2 of our deer right now. I can't wait to make my own venison hot sticks. Man am I glad I found this site.
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here's a shot of the finished product
I had 20# of product to start and it netted me 15# of sticks
25 % loss due to shrinkage and drying. not too bad
I do not shower them when I remove from the smoker
I just let them hang over night

cut into about 6" -8" pieces
great texture
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Looks Great...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks good

The sticks look great! I just did my first batch a few weeks ago using sheeps casings. Are the collagen casings easier to use? I really like the snap of the natural ones but I imagine I'll have to try the collagen eventually as I already have a package of those too.

But like I first said....sticks look great!

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Nice. Love the food porn!
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They do look good. I like to use sheep casings but they are a pain in the butt. I too will have to try calogen again. It has been years

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Been makin a lot of sticks lately. seems that they go faster than I can make um.
I been usin Legg's snack stick seasoning with 2 tbls of brown sugar and 2 tbls of liquid smoke, along with the standard 6 hr smokehouse smoke (hickory)
Bring them up to 150 internal and pull. Use 18/19 mm calogen casings cut to 40". Twist in half and hang. Every one who eats them says they taste like mini Lebanon Bolonga. I think I could make a small fortune from these!
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