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Looks fantastic!
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WOW! Incredible job on this! I am now inspired to get some beef done next weekend!

Nice post!
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Tri-tip is a personal favorite of mine as well. If you can find the Morton's of Omaha marinaded tri-tip roasts at Costco I would highly recommend them. I did a graduation party this past June and did tri-tip and prime rib, and was shocked when the tri-tip flew off the cutting board before the prime. Looks awesome!
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Every thing looks very good except for one thing. I am not here to be over critical---I am here to help you serve the absoulute best tri-tip that is possible.

My background is over 20 years of catering in California, and I am very familiar with tri-tip. I have grilled it, smoked it, deep fried it, dutch oven cooked it and cooked it on a pitch fork for "Cowboy Fondue"

Anyone cooking tri-tip can spend hours trimming, rubbing, marinating, and cooking it to perfection in every manner-----and then slip up on the easiest thing. That easy thing is carving the tri -tip.

The goal in cutting tri-tip to make it the most tender---is to have the shortest strands of meat grain in yourfinal slices. This is done by cutting EXACTLY 90 degrees perpendicular to the grain. The tri tip is shaped like a boomerang with a point and two wings. ALL tri tips have vey pronounced grains. Look at the grain and start cutting the tri tip perpendicular to the grain---that means you will start cutting at the point of the tri tip. DO NOT start cutting at either of the 2 wings. Try this yourself---see which is more tender---do not beleive me---I am just an old surviving BBQer.
Try it and you can thank me later. Good Luck------You have a far better chance than me---because you have a better start. Keep on cookin
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Hey, Chuck... I am always open for advice. I am new to this game and welcome all the advice i can get!!! So, if i start at the point (which i thought i was, just the wrong point) that will leave me with some very large, but thin slices of tri. Is that right? I know enough to know that your supposed to cut against the grain, and admit that it has been frustrating for me, cause again.. i thought i was starting at the right end. But when i have been starting on the end of the wing, i did notice i was cutting it at about a 45 to the grain and not 90. I also noticed that if i did cut it at a 90, i would end up with some rather large pieces. Is that right? Thank you again for any advice you may have. Again, I am new to all of this, and really want to refine my technique. Thanks!!
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Here is how i carve mine. It's easier if you cut it into two pieces, and then slice against the grain. I have attached a picture of how i do it, but others here may have better methods. Hope this helps!
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Thank you for the diagram Ciolli! I appreciate it! I was starting at the tip to the right in your diagram, but as you can see, the further i progressed, i was getting off of perpendicular. I smoke tri's alot and will use this method next time i do. Once again, Thanks!!
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Outstanding! very nice penetration on the smoke...if we only had one of those Star Trek transporters...anyone working on that??!
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