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Pinball porkalooza

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One of my pinball buddies is having his 7th annual Pinballpalooza party at his house tomorrow in West Michigan, so I decided to make pulled pork for 100+. Should be a good time! The two butts on the left I managed to score for $.99/lb at a local Mexican grocer but they would only sell me two the bastids! The hunk on the right came from my local butcher and cost $1.79/lb. :-( I rubbed them up with a rub I recently discovered I liked from this place,, near me in Highland, MI. Nice guy, he has a lot of good stuff at his shop.

I'll be making a variation of SoFlaQuers pork finishing sauce, along with some homemade apple bbq sauce, and a Captain Morgan's sauce too.

Link to the pinball heaven/madness we will be in tomorrow. icon_cool.gif
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You will be the man bringing that fine butt.Good Luck!!!
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Great looking butts...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

So do they call you "The Pinball Wizard"?icon_mrgreen.gif

PS: You do know that every time you purchase an item that has a limit and leave a store then return you are a new customer by law on limits didn't you...PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Wow thats one hell of a collection! My back porch is gunna look like that soon, but lined end to end with smokers

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No, no pinball wizard here. I do well enough on my own, but some of the guys I play with are ranked in the top 25 worldwide and can play a single ball for a 1/2 hour.

I forgot to toss in my obligatory beer pic for tonight's smoke too. icon_smile.gif

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As I near what I think is the halfway mark, I went out and spun my racks on the butts, and stuffed some probes in them. Each rack was rotated 180 degrees; I quit sliding them in to the slots of the MES cabinet a few smokes ago, it just doesn't make sense to do so to me. Also started cooking up a batch of apple BBQ sauce, decided to blend the apple and Captain Morgan sauce recipes together, instead of doing one of each. Tastes pretty good so far! Also had to switch to a new beer, for those of you who care. Hic! icon_smile.gif

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Everything looks great...Where do you get the beer??????????????
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The local beer store, or as they call them here in MI., "Party Stores". Most of them around here carry a great selection of MI. microbrews, and a few carry an extensive selection of craft beer from all over the world. If you are looking for a place in your area to find beers, might I suggest
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As a collector of beer and soda pop bottles some of those would sure enhance my collections...icon_mrgreen.gif
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Looking good. smile.gif
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Couldn't have timed it better. Woke up this morning at 8:30 and all three butts were sitting between 200 and 205. Pulled them out, foiled, toweled and coolered them ready to go across state. Chugging a cup of coffee to get the head clear then it's off to pinball heaven. I'll post some pics later of the event.

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lifesize pics! lol They look awesome! Damn good thing I have a widescreen monitor! I got me a butt in the MES this morning. Couldnt resist even with the temps being below freezing this morning. Care to share the apple bbq sauce recipe?
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man thats some really big Qview for sure I have a 24" monitor anf it still wouldn't fit. You did a fine job with the butts. Now how did you do in the pinball?
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Sorry about the large pics, crap! I was in a rush this morning and didn't realize I forgot to resize them on Imageshack when I uploaded them. I will correct it shortly! The pork was a hit, we had 104 people show up and it went fast, I pulled the big one around 2pm, then the two smaller ones around 5pm as the later guests showed up.

The sauce recipe I used was from this site, I multiplied it by 4 to get a lot of sauce, but used 1 cup of Captain Morgans with 1 cup of juice, instead of 2 cups of juice. It came out really good and thickened nicely after I simmered it for an hour.

Came in 2nd in the pinball qualifying Zen tourney (2 person team format, each player controls one flipper), but then my partner had to leave for work so I didn't get to go on to the finals. Fun times as always!
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Congrats on the finish in the tourney. Oh yeah, great looking butts too.

points.giffor cooking for the group.
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Thanks Dude!

A couple pics of the line up before it got too crowded.

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Looks like fun was had by all and good food was eatenPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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