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Smoking garlic cloves

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Looking to smoke a clove of grlic today as well. Any suggestions? Was thinking of coating it w olive oil and letting it sit for about an hour.
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Just one clove?
Whenever I do garlic I do a whole head, chop the top off just until the cloves are exposed, drizzle a little olive oil on it, add some same and pepper and rub the top then smoke for about an hour if you want it for mincing, 1.5-2 hours for paste-like texture if I'm remembering correctly.
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Oh yeah. That's what I meant.
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Thats the way I do it too - I do have some smoked hickory salt that I throw on just for giggles when I do it in the oven rather than the smoker
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I have also skewered them individualy and dehydrated.

The whole clove as mentioned is the way it is usually done...
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Thanks so much for the help guys. It came out awesome and we kept the vampires away!
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