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Tri-tip in Daddy Hinkles Southwest Marinade

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Found a 2# tri-tip managers special today for $4. Brought it home and doused it in some of my standby steak rub and marinade. It's going in the MES at 225 till it hits 130 degrees, then getting a quick side to side sear on a hot grill.

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Sounds good, keep us posted.
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All I can say is WOW, this was one of the tastiest cuts and smokes I've had in a long time. I smoked it hard with hickory chips and it hit temp of 135 in an hour, higher than I cared to go but it still came out good. Seared it in a cast iron skillet since it had started raining outside, foiled and let it rest on the place for 15 minutes.

A buddy of mine showed up and we commenced to devouring it in small slices while playing pinball, luckily I managed to snap one pic of it before it was all gone. And to top it off, I was introduced to the awesome flavor meld of prepared horseradish and juicy beef together. Holy crap, what have I been missing all this time? I'm heading to the butcher tomorrow to seek out some more larger tips to play with!

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Looks great. Tri Tips sure are a treat.
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Man just by the juice I can tell it is worth points. Great job.points.gif
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Very nice.Need to do a tri-tip one dayPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great Looking Tri Tip...
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We had to leave the midwest to learn about tri-tips. I need to grab one from the Winco tomorrow!
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Looks good. I had plans to do a tri today but when my wife woke up this am she said that she thinks its time, so we are on our way to the hosp in a few minutes, to hopefully welcome our second daughter into the world.
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Daddy Hinkle and i hang out in my shed. He's one cool dude.
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He sent me a t-shirt once. I'm trying to get that marinade in every meat shop and store around here that I can.
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Now thats a good looking chunk of meat there Gru. Im wishing we could just get some tri-tip and the eastcoast.
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