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Apple Wood in Georiga - Trying to find some

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Does anyone know of a place in Southern Georiga where you can buy Apple Wood? The small amounts avail and cost of shipping I would drive to get a pickup load. I tried the web and found nothing, but maybe it my error in searching.


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I can find chips at sportsman warehouse-and I also trade woods from here for apple found elsewhere.any apple orchards there?
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Randy if you find a source let me know I'd like to find a truckload too
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I get mine from a huge orchard about 10 miles from my home. They trim their trees in November, and sell the trimmings. I would check with them before that to get them to save you some. This place gets $15 for a shopping cart full.
If Georgia doesn't have many apples, how about peach trees----I heard it's about the same as apple(Georgia peach???).

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I'll keep on looking for some too. I just use the bags of chunks and chips but I'll look.
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Nothing on Craigslist but a wanted ad for fruitwoods. Seems more apple trees are up north?
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I don't think you are going to find many apple orchards in Ga.. Possiblythe NE corner of Ga. . I found apples in NC when we used to visit up there to see the fall leaves and I think that is going to be your closest spot for orchards.
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This is quite a rip-off, but in an emergency??

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NE GA is rite. Elijay area....Many apple orchards there. Long drive for you though.
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How far north of Atlanta is Elijay and do you know of anybody there that sells apple wood splits?
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Im driving to Florida in January, I would be glad to bring you guys some apple, hickory or cherry in exchange for some Pecan.
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Ellijay is about 60 miles north of Atlanta. It's in Gilmer County, which calls itself The Apple Capital of Georgia.

One of the biggest orchards is R&A:


5505 Highway 52 E
Ellijay, GA 30536-6935
706) 273-3821

Even larger, I think, is Mercier's in Blue Ridge:



Give 'em a call and see what they could do for you.

There are about a dozen other orchards encircling Ellijay; if you strike out with those two the Ellijay Chamber of Commerce can give you contacts for all of them
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Thanks for the info I'm gonna make a couple calls and see what I can find long ride but hopefully fuel prices will come down a bit and I can get a bunch
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Thanks for the information. I got to go to a wedding in Dec in Atlanta so I too am going to make a few calls and see what I can line up. I will see if I can locate some orange or pecan orchards close to me and see if a deal could easily be work out. Orange trees should not be a problem, lots of them around me here, but have not heard of any pecans. Believe they will be more north of me.

Thanks again to all for the help.
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I would find out if they spray their trees before using them for smoking.
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You can try here online, shipping doubles the price to my zip

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uncle lar: would gladly swap pecan for apple.just let me know when and how much?
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Jerry - lemmie know if you wanna take a road trip. I'll give ya some gas $$ and keep ya company on the ride up there if you do decide to go.
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i am leaving tomm for a little getaway to ne ga .dillard area and will check to see if i can find apple wood there.
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Good luck, hucks. A bunch of us from FL are interested if you do find it! icon_cool.gif
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