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heat retention

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I've seen a lot of posts saying that heat retention is a issue in cheaper smokers like my snp.

has anyone cosidered powdercoating the inside?
it'd probably be expensive as hell, but if it can withstand 1600+f in a turbocharger, a smoker would be no contest.
plus you wouldn't ever have to worry about corrosion

kind of an extreme solution though
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Hey Ottawa,

I wouldn't suggest powder coating the inside of your SNP. For true heat retention you will need a dead air space or some kind of insulation. I spent the summer building an insulated smoker, you can check it out here:

One suggestion that I have for you is this...I had a buddy that "acquired" a thick quilted blanket from a moving know, the ones that they wrap furniture in...and he draped that over the smoking chamber of his horizontal smoker. It kept the cold Kansas wind off the smoker and also provided some insulation to the smoker. a welding blanket will also work. If nothing else, construct a wind break and that will really help if you are smoking in the dead of winter.
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i wasn't planning on doing this, it was more of a "what if?"
sorry if i wasn't clear about that, besides it would be very expensive.
i once had a turbine housing (exhaust side of a turbo) coated inside and out, and that was almost $200
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That was an awesome build !
you have a plasma cutter at your house.....i now have a case of garage envy!biggrin.gif
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What about a water heater insulated jacket? Just cut flaps where needed and secure with velcro tape.
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I made an insulating cover for my SnP.

I hardly ever use it though.

What works best is this.

Actually, if you've done the mods and have some reasonably thick (1/8" steel or thicker) tuning plates, that helps a lot too. As does a pan full of sand at the tuning plate level at the smokestack end.

But then I don't have to deal with super cold temps so your mileage may vary.

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