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Got some goodies in mail

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Got a new therm and maverick et 73

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You'll love the Maverick ET system. They have been tested many times and are accurate. I use mine mostly for the temp in the smoker probe. I always get the meat probe reporting back temps as high as smoker temp. Bad probe maybe?

What thermometer is that? I have seen that before and want one for my Weber Gold.
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Great Thermometer, Next on my list...
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Call Maverick and inquire. They have great customer service imo.
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RaceyB I got the therm off of a link that 3Montes gave me. You will have to navigate to the therms section.
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You will like the Mavericks...i really like that they keep up with your meat temp and smoker temp. i believe they are the only ones that do that...good luck
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Congrats on the new therms. I have the ET73 and think it's a great piece of equipment
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I thought I would be set if I just kicked out the money for a termapen but decided to go this route instead. I like the idea of keeping the lid closed as much as possible.
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I just ordered a Thermapen plus I have the ET 73 (among others). They are different instruments for different duties. A good instant read is just as important.
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I understand the diff also like the instant read capability. I just couldn't get all my toys at once. It was hard enough to get this bill passed through my at home congress.
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Oh believe me I understand completely. It's always a work in progress.
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I was refering to the smoker gauge, found it myself here...
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