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snp mods

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I have the plate metal for my snp, but it is real thick at 3/8 of an inch is this too thick?

i also have a piece of plate metal for the baffle for the offset fire box to deflect the smoke and heat down.

i dont have a basket for the firebox but i found a cast iron grate that moves the fire from the coals up higher in the box so hopefully i wont have to use a lot of charcoal and wood to get to temp.

Thanks again PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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The thicker the better I would think -- up to the confines of how much weight the SnP's spindly legs can support of course. biggrin.gif

Here's a thread showing how I modded mine if you're interested.


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chimney insert

i guess with the chimney extension inside the smoker i wont be able to use the "top" rack?

I would like to try and keep it in to smoke whole potatoes on top, my thinking is more heat cooks the taters quicker .

i guess i could modify the top rack.

Thanks for the mod pics of your snp !!!!
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You could modify the top rack. Or there seems to be some speculation, although I haven't tested it, that with the tuning plates in place, the chimney extension is redundant. You could try it without the extension and see if there was much difference in temp from end to end.

Or if you use flexible dryer vent, you may be able to snake it around the rack without modifying it.

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