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evil balls of hell

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icon_evil.gifEvil balls of hellicon_evil.gif

350 gr minced meat
1 egg
1Tea spoon chilli pepper
1 spoon bbq rub
5 Spoons Bread kruim
1 cuts cheese

For the crust

1/2 Tea spoon chilli pepper
Bread kruim

Mix all ingredients ,except the cheese
Take a cube cheese ,let down the middle the minced meat
And just role in bread kruim

places on the smoker
It was 2 degrees C (35 f)

It is ready

They are hot

as aperitif appetizer,That can count icon_smile.gif
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Those look awesome Treegje...I'm getting hungry just looking PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Those look and sound good Treegje, thanks for sharing the Q-view!
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They look really good. Thank for sharing it with us.
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Great balls o'fire! Those look great. Thanks for the recipe.
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Those look tasty, thanks for the recipe.
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Hey Treegje,

First of all, I think it is great to have you on the SMF representing Belgium. Also, the evil balls of fire look great...It also looks like the chili powder that you used might be equivalent to US crushed red peper flakes...that would really pack some awesome heat. It looks like a pepper cheese which would also amp it up, especially if it were like a habanero jack that they have here locally. Cool idea, and step by step. Appetizers will be even more important as we move into the holidays...points.gif for a great idea.
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This is what I use
I do not know what kind it is,but they are hoticon_evil.gif

I am glad that I can Share an idea with you
I have to learn still so much of youricon_wink.gif
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Yup...that's what we call crushed red pepper flakes, and they are hot...great idea!
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Yes those are red pepper flakes and I have seen alot of those. No wonder they are hot I thought that the cheese had some habineros in it or somethng because in the picture I could see what I thought mite have been some jalapenos/habineros parts is pieces. They are really nice evil balls and points.gifare really required here for your orginallity and proformance in making the belgium hell balls.
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thanks just went and got the stuff to make these gonna tame it down a bit and cut peppers a little will do these for dinner tonight with a little cajun chicken
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They Look Great, Thanks for the recipe...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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nice easy idea while waiting for longer smoke items......
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Those look great and simple too - great job! Thanks for sharing
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Those look great, love the close-up shot with the cheese slightly oozing.
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these are amazing i used j/d hot sausage and grill mates sweet and smokey rub cut back the peppers a tad and wow they are tasty will be a regular around here thanks again
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glad to hear that they are goodPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
you can vary in so many ways

with or without cheese,another cheese and you have another ball
each rub is already different
a little creativity,and you can all sides
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Gotta give some points for these. Haven't seen this variation on a moink ball, or squeef ball, in a while! points.gif
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What temperature did you smoke them at and for how long? I am going to make a similar "balls of fire" snack this week. Thanks, they look great.
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How could those cute little bundles be Hellacious?

Happy New Year, John
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