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You da man!!! Those things look soo cool! How long do they last? I would think that the fall apart pretty quick. Do you spray them with something??
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Sometimes they last a couple of days and sometimes they'll last a week. You can put wet towels on them to prolong their shelf life but then you can't see them.
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great work......i wish i had that kind of talent!
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We're not worthy.....
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Wow that is very cool - Wish I had some artistic talent - cant even draw a straight line - LOL
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Wow oh wowee! I have seen some carved pumpkins but these are the best! Have no idea how you do it, but it doesn't matter since the art comes from the artist.

You are definitely a master at this and sincere congratulations.....outstanding stuff.

Well earned points for your skill! points.gif
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Dave! I didn't know you were an artist like that, excellent work!
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Very cool. You have a gift.
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YES-Points for talent mr pignit.points.gif

Do we get updated pics of RED in Battle Armor???????????
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Oh yeah you get some points for that!

I love how on the second one you left some of the "skin" on for those bright orange details in the eyebrows and around the edges.

Very Shweeeeeeeet
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Amazing! Those look wild.
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Pignit, that is unreal. You are a true artist. I had to call in the wench, I mean the wife to see your work. Very very impressive. Wish I could do that kind of work. Awesome.
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Damm !!!! I am in AWE!!! points.gif
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