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fresh sausage

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Hello ,
I was looking around and I haven't come across any fresh sausage recipes.Anyone make there own sausage and have a recipe to share?I make them but have pretty much only used pre-packaged seasonings.
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Plenty to choose from here:
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try rytek's book....great recipes for fresh sausage.
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Thanks guys,
RodinBangkok I tried this link,But cannot open any of the recipes,maybe it is my computer don't know..
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Here's one of my favorite places to get sausage recipes...
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jlmacc - i have a bunch of them at my spot. here's a link to the search results there:

also, here's a link to a bunch more, but they are spread out over a few pages (toward the end):

finally, here's a link to a series that has a lot of great information on making sausage (scroll down about halfway and then there are several posts there and the succeeding pages:
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