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Rehersal Dinner for 50 w Queview

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Long hard day but we pulled it off
Mini Quiches with bacon and carmelized onion
Smoked Mozarella
Smoked Nuts
Veggie tray
Shrimp marinated and served in the ice bowl we made
Salad with fresh greeens fruit and candied pecans
Dinner plate
Burger Slider with Chipotle mayo and pepper jack cheese - Hawaiin roll
Roasted Chicken slider with au jus - Rosemary roll
PP Slider with slaw and finishing sauce on Kaiser roll
7 cheese mac and cheese
Sweet potatos twice baked
Strawberry Cheese Cakes

The bride and groom loved it -
Too busy to take too many pics but here we go

Setting up to serve

Mac and cheese coming out


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Man,that is top notch!!!We usually stick with the bbq catering at company picnics for 300-600 folk....I would have to call in my executive chef friend for a killer spread like that....only problem is he is a excitable greek guy with a big knifePDT_Armataz_01_12.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Very Nice!

points.giffor pulling it off and making the bride happy! (nobody ever asks if the groom is happy, do they?)
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Nice looking feast. Congrats!
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nice job!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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looks like you did a great job !
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They actually thanked us at the wedding and several folks that attended both told us our food was better.
Thanks to all for the compliments - we are glad it is over and done
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Ours is too - oh yeah that's me - well the geek part is right
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Very nice spread! Presentation was great! I LOVE the individual mac and cheese bowls!!! Very Ingenious!

Cooking for lots of people (esp family) is alway tough! You did a great job!
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Nice work!
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Great Job, It looks Terrific...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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WEEEEEOOOOO I got tired just lusting over all that...GREAT WORK!!!
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Very well done! That's a serious menu you put together...looks great!

Man, that the whole lay-out of that ice-bowl is really cool.

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Job well done. Looks like you have a knack for this stuff!!!biggrin.gif
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What everyone else says, great job.
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Wow! Looks like ya did more than pull it off. Great job! The individual serving idea is on spot! Gonna steal that one. LOL
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Thanks to all of you - you have no idea how much this means coming from the best on this board. We have been playing in the catering gig mostly for free for the last 20 years. To get these acolades from folks as respected on this forum as you is a true honor.
Thanks for your support and if there is anything we did can help you with any of our ideas please let me know.
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Those ramakins are really hard to find - there is a small vendor in Hemet CA that sells them and they have really good customer service - let me know if you need the link
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Great looking feast Scarbelly! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Man, that the whole lay-out of that ice-bowl is really cool.

The ice bowl is so easy it is embarrasing - here is a pic of making it - just make sure you use distilled water so it freezes clear. When you are ready to put it out you need about 40 minutes to let it melt a little so the plastic bowls seperate without having to force them. It will break on you if you force it. I have a large collander with a foot so I flip it over and cover with leaves to give it height - if you really want to blow them away, put a couple of chunks of dry ice under the collander and pour some warm water on the dry ice - it makes it look like a volcano!!

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