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Reynolds Aluminum Foil

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Last time I foiled a shoulder I swore I was gonna do something better
next time.. I had NO Idea they made this stuff.. Reynolds Foil , Heavy Duty, 24 INCHES X 1000 ft.. Thank You Ebay.. shipping was more than it cost. after piecing it together last time and fighting the wind.. It is worth it.. At the rate I use it , it will last forever.. Hemi..PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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We get the costco kind for $19. Buts its only 500 feet.
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I guess I ought to get out more .. I had no idea it was available in 24''
wide.. Hemi..PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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Here is a link to buy it direct, seems high but it may save shipping like they have on eBay which usually rips you off...
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I have been very happy with the 18"X 500' heavy duty Kirkland Brand from Costco. Well worth the $19.
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Same here.. gotta love it.
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One of the ebay stores had it for 28.00 for 24''X 1000 feet but the shipping was 29.00 for almost 30 pounds. On this particular roll I got about 55.00 with shipping. Still worth it. Wife is gonna beat me.. Hemi..
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Sam's 18X500 been through about 3 boxes since I started smoking.
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If you have a restaurant supply house in your area it is usually a shelf item as that is the size they use. In CA we have a chain called Smart & Final that carries restaurant and institutional items and I suspect there are others like it in other states
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that's also where i get my disposable pans......
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GFS (Gordon Food Service) also has it for around $40 for 24"x1000'. Lucky for me my nephew gave me two rolls and I'm still on the first roll. It will be a while before I need anymore.
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Around the DFW area, I can get the 24" at Restaurant Depot for under $30, but I have some custom wood foil and plastic wrap boxes that fit the 18" rolls.. I keep those in the house, but I keep a roll of the 24" on the comp chuck box. The extra width sure comes in handy!
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I got the 24" heavy duty Reynolds wrap in the 500 ft roll at Cosco I got 2 500 footers because they cost exactly 1/2 what the 1000 ft roll cost and I figured the 500's would be easier to handle.

I Never thought of going to a restaurant supply.

You're right about the heavy duty being much better, it never tears and is far easier to use in a wind. I hate that thin wimpy stuff so I threw ours out when I got the good stuff. Her lovliness promptly went out and bought another roll of the junky stuff. Go figure.
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