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Pecan Smoked Almonds

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Thanks to Irishteabear for the almonds. And Desertlites for the pecan chunks.

I used Dawns recipe for the almonds LOL water and salt.

The left side is the pecan and iron wood on the right (I think). I used the iron wood for some pork chops but that is another post.

Onto the rack with tin foil poked with holes to let the smoke pass

I just had to try some with chili powder garlic powder and a touch of butter

I used the Pecan chunks from desertlites and ro lump

Smoked at 230 for 2 hours

I burnt a few of the salt ones but they are still awesome the chili ones could use some tweeking but were good too.

Once again I would like to thank Dawn and Bob with out them this wouldn't have been possible
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Nice job! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Glad you liked them.
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very nice of dawn and desertlites.......need to try this.
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Man you did a good job on those nuts. They look good too.
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doing some while he chicken and ABTs are going.....

here is the finished product.........
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Looking real good Dennis-glad u liked-by the way pecan is on the right.there was more pecan than ironwood. OH and chefRob yours look great also-I love smoked nuts.
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