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Safeway Cross Rib Roast

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I was going through the current grocery ads and found a deal. Safeway Ranchers Reserve Boneless Cross Rib Roast 1.99 #. That seems pretty cheap to me. Isn't that the roast you use for prime rib? This Christmas we are planning to have prime rib instead of turkey, would this freeze well (uncooked) and be good thawed and cooked in December?
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No prime rib Nate. It is from the chuck and should be cooked like one.

Scroll down a ways.

Hope this helps.
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My dad cooks one of the finest primes I have ever eaten, and I've eaten a lot of prime. When he finds a deal, he will buy four or five and keep them frozen for up to six months. He gets them cryovac packed, which I think helps.

We slaughter and butcher all of our beef and pork - as long as you wrap and package it properly, frozen meat will stay just fine for a long time. At $1.99/lb, I wouldn't hesitate a bit.
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Was hoping to serve Christmas dinner for 1.99 a pound....biggrin.gif

Thanks for the replies, and thanks for the website Ron, I am going to use it a lot!
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The cross rib roast is from the arm shoulder chuck, and across it's top is a rack of ribs going crossways to the roast, likewise the name. These ribs can be cut into short ribs or flanken (thin strips of ribs). The roast itself can be fairly tender and very flavorful; I've grilled them as a london broil as well as roasted them. But, it doesn't have the fat and marbling that the rib has, it's a much more used muscle powering the shoulder of the animal.

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That sounds like a heck of a buy there even if you cann't use it for christmas dinner it will make a yummy dinner for another day. I would buy a handful and freeze them just make sure to vaccum pack them first.
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