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It's been a while....fatty time

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So I thought I'd try my hand at rolling a "poor man's" fatty. The reason I call it that is because I only used a couple pieces of bacon each way to make the wrap to roll it in. Using an egg roll bamboo rolling mat really made rolling these things easy. Not cooking until tomorrow at work, but here's the prelim pictures. Typical fatty, sausage, bacon, a myrid of seasonings and some shredded swiss cheese in the middle of them both. Just for kicks, these things got KICK fire to them, a combination of ground red pepper and wasabi went into part of the seasoning. Enjoy, i'll try to post more during the cook. The picture below is a link to the slide show.

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sounds like it might have a lil kick to it. Cant wait to see the finished product.
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Sounds like a good fattie.
Gonna smoke it at work? You must work for a great place if you can fire up the smoker and do some TBS goodness during the day.
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I am fortunate that I can smoke at work. The guys really enjoy it and my boss is very appreciative that someone takes time to build the morale in other ways outside of giving time off awards.

Yeah, I think these two will have some significant heat kick to them, we'll see. I'm anxious to find out.
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Sounds good...

I have heard about wasabi but have never tried it, isn't it about like horseradish?
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It is pretty similar. Most wasabi is mostly colored horseradish based because true wasabi is not that easy to come by. You must not be a big fan of sushi/sashimi? biggrin.gif
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Wasabi is very easy to come by, go to your local asian/east asia market and it's available in an abundant supply. Pure wasabi directly from the plant is green and most wasabi pastes available on the market are NOT colored horseradish pastes as horseradish emparts a different heat with a sharper bite whereas wasabi is straight heat.
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If you say so. Have you ever asked for fresh wasabi from a sushi place (high end one)...it does not come out in a little ball of paste, but finely grated. Most pastes/powders do not contain real wasabi (or very little). It is expensive as it is difficult to grow and has a short shelf life.

edit: Not to negate from the fatty...I bet it tasted amazing.
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I say so. Take your discussions about anything NON pertinent from this thread somewhere else or to PMs. You must be talking about highly commercialized wasabi. Hmmmmm, memory serves me the last time I took it right from the root, it was green.
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I reckon he's just blowin' smoke at you Helljack ;) anyway, great thread and the Fatty looks awesome.

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well it sounds good an all but I still like to see this fattie of the asian side.
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Sounds good to me. Looking forward to the final qview.
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Raw fish is not my cup of tea...icon_mrgreen.gif
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Ok, sorry no pics at the end, the guys tore them up immediately and they were both gone in a matter of seconds, but the feedback was way more valuable.

Not enough "heat". It was more of a teaser than a taste or a flavor. Other than that, the flavor was good, really good from what I was told, and the amount of bacon (5pcs each way, maple wood smoked) was spot on. Gave it a really good flavoring and helped hold them together really well. Overall, they were a huge positive success.


1lb Farmland Breakfast Sausage
2lbs local brand maple wood smoked bacon
Slew of spices (i honestly didn't even know what I was grabbing at one point)
Shredded moz cheese in the middle
225-250 for about 90 minutes
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Glad they were a big hit. smile.gif
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Speaks to the fact that they were good...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Shame you couldn't have got a pic of the attack on the fatties.

The wasabi interests me, is the only place you can get it is Asian stores or would large grocery stores carry it?
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Paul, you can get Wasabi in most shops in the UK now, so I would be very surprised if you weren't able to get hold of it in a large American supermarket.

Good luck!

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Sorry man...I wasn't trying to step on any toes. Most people don't know the difference between the real wasabi and western wasabi. Good that you do. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

You can get it a Whole Foods in their Asian section. I've not seen it an any of the regular "chain" type stores (Hen House, Price Chopper, etc.) It's good stuff, if you like horseradish, you won't be disappointed in wasabi.

Just be sure to read the ingredients.
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NP man, not trying to be "that guy" either.

Actually i'm playing with the idea of using dragondust with wasabi powder for a real surefire heat intensity boost. The guys like them hot.
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as in daves dragon dust? "Bhut Jolokia" is all I needed to read on their website...the guys must be glutton for punishment. biggrin.gif
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