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UDS Cart Mod

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I've been looking for a good drum dolly, and just haven't been impressed with the quality of the ones I've come across online, so I decided to build one.

I used a pretty thick gauge metal for a heat deflector, so hopefully that will suffice..

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nice work!
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That looks good for what you need it for. Can you fine fire bricks to set the UDS on so it doesn't burn the base I know you have some metal on there now.
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Looks real good. What I did was put one piece of aluminum sheet, then a spacer, then another piece of aluminum sheet. The head dissipates really fast and you don't even feel any heat underneath. Not quite as good looking as yours, but it sure does work good.
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Thanks guys, I'm hoping that the metal will do the job.. I'll just have to keep an eye on it for a while..
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Looks as though it should work, my only thought is what will the heat do to the wood under the metal?
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ya that looks like a pretty thin piece of metal, I fried a piece of my driveway so im not sure how much heat that metal wud hold
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You know, I cooked a rack of baby backs today in 2 1/2 hours and I was really fighting temps.. To the point where I had the intake completely closed for a good portion of the cook and I could not get it below 275-280.

I've never had a problem locking in the cooker at 225. I've always had it sitting on bricks w/ 3" of air space underneath, so now I'm wondering if sitting directly on the metal is causing it to run hot..

Now, the wind was blowing a little today, so I guess that could have been the cause.. I'll give it another run this week when there is no wind and see what happens. I might have to create a space between the drum and the metal like danbury suggested if this keeps up..
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Normally wind shouldn't have much of an effect on the uds. That's on big + about the drum smokers, they aren't affected by the weather the way some are.
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You'll be fine. The bottom doesn't get hot enough during normal cooking to do anything.

The dolly on mine (in my avatar) is just 2x4s but it's open in the center. I have had the drum over 400° (pegged the Taylors and quickly got them out) doing tri tips. Also had the drum hot enough to discolor the paint on the bottom third. That's 2 coats of Duplicolor Hi Heat Engine Enamel Primer underneath 3 coats of Duplicolor Hi Head Daytona Yellow. The dolly doesn't even have a char mark on it. But maybe that's because the bottom is open so air can circulate around the drum.
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Thanks for the tip Dave, if worse comes to worse I'll just break out the jigsaw and cut an 18 inch hole in the center. I wish I would have thought of that in the first place..
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Looks great, I need to get that going too some day!
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