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Hey everyone,
Just wanted to drop a quick note and say "hello". I haven't been on much lately. All kinds of stuff going on personally and professionally. I'll update everyone later when I know what all is going on.

Just wanted to say that I miss looking at all the great posts. I know I'll never get caught back up with everything I'm missing as summer winds down. Can't wait to get the WSM fired back up soon. Just saw an ad on TV last night that chuckies were going on sale. So I'll have to go stock up.

It's not so serious that we're talking life and death, but could certainly use a couple of prayers, good karma, rubbing of lucky rabbits feet, etc. from all my fellow SMF'ers.

The Dude still abides, he's just hitting a few bumps in the road right now.
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Glad to hear from you Jay, was wondering where you have been lately.
You're right about not being able to catch up, hell...I was away from the site for only 2 days and had trouble catching up with all the posts.
I'll send some good thoughts your way and hopefully some Irish luck will come along with it.
I have Lebowskifest in 2 more days so I'll be thinking of you and drink a white Russian in your honor.
Take care buddy.
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Good luck Dude...

I would pass on the rabbits foot if I were You.

Just Remember, It Wasn't LCucky for the Rabbit...icon_mrgreen.gif
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I wondered where you went, we'll be thinking of you! Hope to see some of your que view soon.
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You'll pull through.

You'll pull through in time cause.....YOU'RE THE DUDE, MAN!"

Best wishes.

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I am in the same boat! Work, puls 2nd job, plus my wedding is in 31 days...

Keep on chugging!!! We can do this!!!
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Best wishes and positive thoughts coming your way from here
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thks for letting us know Dude... thoughts your way for what ever those bumps may be and may they become molehills in short order!!! ltr bud!!!
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The Original The Dude Abides traveled to the beat of a different drum. It seem that you too are having similar problems. I will say a tiny prayer for things to sort themselves out for you. Hoping that the good Karma floats its way southward and finds you in a better place and space my friend.

Take care, we SMFians are all pulling for you. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Take care man and do good. Best of luck to you.
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Best of wished Dude, things will always get netter, just have to wait awhile. I'll roll some loaded dice for you.
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Hey Dude/ Jay whatever I want to wish the best for you and all your needs. You can always count on us here at SMF for anything you may need now and in the furture. Prays and luck may it blow your way soon.
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Ditto.Glad you posted brother.....Here is some more karma coming your way-the positive type.....PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifCooking for 50 this weekend... 4-WSM and pig roaster are starting to purr............keep in touch DUDE....
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Jay, knee-mail sent up on your behalf. Just remember that those speed bumps are just that, bumps in the the road, meant to slow you down but not bring you to a full stop.

Keep us posted on how your are doing!

God Bless+
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Nothing is too much to overcome. I have learned that the hard way many times. Keep chugging along!
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Glad to hear from you Dude. Best of luck with everything. Same thing here, been so busy, no time to smoke. Been awhile.
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Hey best to you, Dude. I understand about the bumps...just don't let them get to you. Hang in there!
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OTBS #172 says: if you need anything at all, jsut let me know, brother.

best wishes and warmest regards,

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best a luck my friend if ya need anything pm me icon_wink.gif
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Hang in there Dude, everything will work outPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
Your friend from the North.
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