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Since it was my first time, I followed the directions almost to a T. I put it on the UDS for about an hour at 150* and then raised the temp to 200* until the internal temp hit 140*. It took about 3 or 4 hours if I recall correctly. Batch #2 is going on tonight. :D

Here are the instructions.
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I will have to try that next time I get the cure

Also, I like your Jeep, I had a 78 CJ-7 years ago, wish I still had it
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That did it !
I got tired of looking at all of these "Buckboard Bacons".
I ordered the Hi Mountain Buckboard Bacon Cure today.
It's a shame for the shipping:
Cure for 25 pounds of bacon-----------$ 6.33
Shipping for same---------------------$ 6.77

This is what Qview does to me ! ! !

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Looks great thanks for the reply.
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that looks good. Got me inspired!! Props!!!
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Thanks. Mrs. Solaryellow has a blue one on 35" tires.

I was kind of pissed when I ordered and found out shipping was more than the product itself but it is well worth it. The box has 3 packets of cure/seasoning in it and I have one packet left. Next time I will order more now that I know how good it is.

No problem. biggrin.gif

It tastes even better than it looks. biggrin.gif
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I just realized I live a little more then a hour away from where hi country is made. I will be stalking up on this next time i drive through riverton for sure.biggrin.gif
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Great idea---stock up!

BTW: That's a pretty little Rainbow you got there.
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thanks....we get alot bigger ones but it's always when u don't have a camera...sorta hard to carry one when your fly fishing. I actually made my boys wait till i caught one to take a pic...all of 5 minutes then they were off to do there on
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LOL----I can see it from here:
C'mon Dad, hurry up and catch one !

My kid was the same way, but now that he's 37, he brings me the fish & game. I think he's bringing me a whole mess of NY Salmon today.

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Without smoking, it's then known as salt pork.
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Looks great! I just put 7lbs of CB in to cure myself.
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Here are some pics of this weekend's batch.

Peppered buckboard bacon:

Ziploc cam:

The new slicer. I love this thing.

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Thanks Solaryellow . . . for the response and the link to the instructions!

Hy-Vee had butts on sale for .88 cents a pd this weekend so I bought up. I'm going to try and get one curing tomorrow. I will take some pics, and whether it comes out good or bad, I'll be sure to post the q-view.

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