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Ist Brisket Starting Tonight w/Qvue

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Hey All!
Well I have been lurking for awhile soaking in all the outstanding info you guys have to offer and decided this weekend it was finally time to make a contribution. I am having family and friends over tomorrow for a big cookout and figured I would throw up progress pics as I go, not to mention maybe needing some help along the way! icon_mrgreen.gif So the menu is as follows:

15.84 lb Brisket ( My first time smoking a brisket so I may have questions on this one! )
2 racks of ribs
2 beer can chickens
Dutch's Wicked Beans ( These are so awesome!)
Rivets Finishing sauce for the brisket ( made it today and it rocks!)
Smoked Deviled eggs
Hashbrown casserole
Will also throw on a breakfast Fatty this tomorrow morning for me (also a first)

Whew I am tired all ready! So the brisket is going on tonight and I will be doing an overnight smoke on this. I trimmed about 5.5lbs of fat off. I am thinking of putting it on around 9:00 or 10:00 PM. I am planning dinner tomorrow for around 4:00 or 5:00 and would like to be able to cooler the brisket for an hour or 2 before slicing. I plan on taking the flat to 190-195 and then cubing up the point and putting it back on the smoker for burnt ends. Will be smoking at 225-250.

So, do you think that by starting at 9:00 or 10:00 that it is early enough or should I start earlier. I know we cook for temp and understand the brisket will more than likely plateau but I would rather it be done early than waiting on it. Your input is greatly appreciated! Attached are some pics of what have done so far. Don't think ny trim job was the best but for the first time what can you do. Will post more as the night progresses.
Thanks guys!
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First off you sat that you have been lurking around in the dark I really glad you decided to come out and show yourself. You do need to go to Roll Call so you can properly introduce yourself.
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Wow tmetal, that's one hell of a menu, got room for one more? icon_mrgreen.gif

Sounds like a good plan on everything, no advice to offer up just yet because you seem to have the plan down.
Wishing you good luck on everything, drink some beer and remember to take some pics PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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By the way what do you guys do with the fat you trim off. Is there a good way to use it or do you just toss it in the trash?
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Personally, I keep any fat trimming to a minimum as I think it really helps in the finished flavor. But if you have some thick areas of fat, cut them off and make some of those bird seed suet blocks for this winter. Just an idea.
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So, do you think that by starting at 9:00 or 10:00 that it is early enough or should I start earlier.

Well I would say you are giving yourself plenty of time. Once that bad boy gets to temp, wrap it in several layers of towels and place in a cooler. Better yet, like I do, put an old down pillow in the bottom of the cooler, then the brisket, then a pillow on top. It will keep hot for HOURS and HOURS. Oh, make sure you wrap the brisket up in several layers of foil first. LOL. I would not want to you coming back and yelling at me saying that your towels or pillows are all covered in brisket juice. icon_mrgreen.gif

Quite the spread your putting on, looks good.
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Looks like your in for some fun. Thank you for posting some pics, even if their small. (could be a little bigger for the people that can't see very well)

Good luck and post more pics!!icon_cool.gif
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I am smoking a 15 lb brisket tomorrow also.. The fat that I trim off I keep for deer season and use it in deer burger. I also bought a bunch of sirloin tips and they are so lean that they do not make good hamburger without adding fat to it. I save it for that also. I bought my brisket at walmart and got a fair price on it . 1.89 lb. I don't like to pay that much for fat and throw it away . so I use it or I got 3 rottweilers that sure know what to do with it PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif Hemi..
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First off, Welcome to SMF, don't forget to Introduce yourself in the Roll Call Thread...

Looks like you are going to have some Good Eats, keep the Qview coming...

PS: Use Large 640x480 pics...icon_mrgreen.gif
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Got the brisket on the smoker at 10:15 PM. Stuck the probe in and it is showing 42 degrees. So far so good everything is going well. Will update again a little later.

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Temp Check

Alright guys, I am about 2 hrs into the smoke and the brisket is reading 129 degrees. I thought the general rule was about 140 degrees in 4 hours. I am just wondering if i have the probe in a fat pocket or just inserted wrong. I am going to leave well enough alone right now but would appreciate some input.

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TMetal, you have a fine plan going, stick to it. Nice trimming, too. You did well and have a nice brisket. Get that puppy to about 185- or so and doouble wrap it in heavy duty foil, then in a couple towels and put it in a cooler or ain a cold oven for an hour or more.

You will have excellent brisket, If ou are gonna pull it, you want the internals to be at 200, if slicing, the internals should be 185 or so.

These are final temperatures, so adjust accordingly.

By the way, the meat temp will rise another 10 degrees or so after foiling and wrapping in towels after an hour.

Nice smoker too. PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif

Good luck to you, you have it under control! Keep us posted.

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I just trash it.
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Hey Tmetal, You got a Grand Cafe Just like mine...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I'm doing a 14 pound packer tonight myself. To answer your question.

Quoted from bbally in this post.

So you are fine temp wise. As far as inserting the probe at the start, lots of folks here did that until bbally explained why it is a bad idea. Since briskets and butts take so long to cook, and they are intact muscle, it is best to wait a few hours before inserting the probe. You'll have the probe inserted in plenty of time before you really need to know what the internal temp is.

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Sure do! I really like mine. Does a great job of holding temps.
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