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I know, I know

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No q-view, it didn't happen. Anyway, I brined some chicken thighs and smoked them the other night. We stuffed ourselves but still had some leftovers. I thought about having them for lunch the next day. By the way, these were awesome. So the next day I am getting ready to have them for lunch when I had an idea. I decided to run my idea by my wife and see what she thought about it. (as any smart husband should) She thought it sounded good and was game to try it.

So, here is what I did. We all LOVE chinese food. I mean we would eat it every day if we could. Well, I have become pretty fair at cooking asian. One thing I have recently tackled is fried rice. So, we had chicken fried rice with cherry wood smoked chicken. The flavor was off the hook. I think this is going to become a standard at our house.

I will try next time to remember the q-view. Didn't think it would be important since it was just chicken thighs. But, now I know better.
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Let me say, that it sounds excellent! I love using left over 'Que to make the next exciting meal, as it really amps up something that might be traditional and ordinary. Next time, take some pics of the fried rice along with a how to tutorial...that's what I want to see!

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That does sound great!
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Ok, I promise the next time I make fried rice I will take pics and post a tutorial on how I make it. My wife and daughter think it is better than what you get in the restaurants. I will have my daughter take lots of pics while I am making it or I may just do a video. We'll see what happens.
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Sound great...
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My friend, I think you're on to something good.
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Sounds really good to me too.
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