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newby fatty question

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I'm gearing up to smoke my first fattys and some abt's thursday nite. my question is can i make them up a day ahead of time and sit in fridge so i don't have so much to do thurs. or should i wait? Thanks alot f or all info!!
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I have prepared them the night before with no problems.... Happy smokes..
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You should be good to go my friend.
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If you have time I would wait till thrusday. Abt's are very good but not as good the next day.They get all wringely I personaly like them anytime or anyway I can get them. Now the fattie to me it depends on who your feeding if it's the family I would say smoke before but it's like the abt's the best hot off the smoker. I hope I helped you out cause I'm not sure if I did.
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I think he just wants to prepare them for the smoker on the night before? At least i thought that's what he meant. Heck now im confusedicon_mrgreen.gif
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If you are just prepping them and not cooking on Thursday then yes, they will be perfectly fine sitting overnight.
If you did mean you were going to smoke then refrigerate mballi is right, best fresh hot off the smoker though last time I had mine fired up I threw some ABTs I had done the day before to reheat and they came out really good. Not quite as good as fresh the first day but not bad at all.
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Thanks guys yes i just want to prepare them the nite before then smoke on thurs. You are all awesome thanks again!!!
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I know this sounds stupid, but what is an ABT.
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Spike, they could also be known as some of the most delicious and tastiest pieces of smoked goodness ever created.
I hope you give them a try.
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