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Smoking sides with Q

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Here we go again. Another weekend and another smoke. First off we cann't make sides without a main. So here's the meatloaf just the basic with green peppers, onions, hamburger and Italian sausage, then some home grown herbs. Throw in alittle fresh mozzarella cheese.

Alittle bit of some cajun seasoning and it's off to the smoker.

Then it's rested and ready for the table. Now we can work on some sides.

Maybe some abts with cream cheeses and fresh herbs with alittle of homemade corn salsa and some thick cut bacon. Sorry alot all ready got consumed by picture time.

Oh yea almost forgot about the canadian bacon that was curing in the refrig and was ready for the smoker too.

Now lets try to some zuchinnie (spelling isn't as good as the food) stuffed with mashed potatoes mixture with onions, garlic fresh of course, carrots, peppers, some cheese and now wer're ready for the smoker.

It's out of the smoker and joined by sorry but the grill is the real place for a couple of ribeyes and here we go to the table. The zuchinnies were yummy. Her's

Then mine

Thanks for looking and we really enjoyed the food. Till next time happy smokin.
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Great looking meal my friens, thanks for sharing the good time.
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Yea baby!!! Those look wonderful!!! I never thought to put sausage in my meatloaf... Nice touch!
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What a great looking smoke. I love the sound of those mashed tater stuffed zucchini, I have got to try that.
Something I can actually smoke for my Dad that he will eat since he's a vegetarian, shhhhhh..... I know it's a dirty word.
The exhaust for my smoker is out getting extended right now so no smoke for me icon_sad.gif
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Looks delicious, it is making me hungry, Oh, its lunch time, Lucky Me... LOL PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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VERY nice!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice smoke.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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MMMmmmm. Looks great, Love the zucchini idea. By the way, what kind of cheese did you use?
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nice job Balli...Looks great. points.gif
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What a feast, man! That is some serious chow, and a beautiful steak. points.gif
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