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Baby Backs

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I used my offset smoker to do some baby backs. They were a little tough. I smoked them for three hours between 225 and 250 F. I sprayed them at each hour with apple cider vinegar. I took them off and wrapped them in foil. I was disappointed that they were not tender. Did I smoke them too long? Not long enough? Temp too high or low? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Sorry they weren't to your liking. After foiling I would've thrown them back in the smoker for another hour or so.

Also, did you remove the membrane?
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What was the internal temp when you pulled them? I'm guessing around 170-180.. Try and get them up around 200 for that "fall off the bone" goodness..
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I removed the membane. The internal temp was 165-170 F.
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I've found that if you pick up one side of the rack & the other end bends about 90 degrees thier tender. How bout pull back, any of that? When you say 3 hours was that from start to finish?
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I dont really go by time with my ribs(although bb ribs typically take about 5 hours for me), . I go by visual, and touch cues. The meat starts pulling back, and if the ribs pass the tong test(pick-up by the 3rd or 4th rib with tongs, and hold the ribs out, if the meat starts to crack a little its time for me to foil.) At this point I foil bb ribs for 20 minutes back on the smoker, and spares for about 40 minuts foiled back on the smoker. I put some apple juice, honey, and rub in the foil tent, not wrapped but tented foil.

Your temps sounded right.

good luck, it only gets better.
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