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Holy Ham! $300 a pound!

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I wonder if I could get a loan from the bank so I can make a ham and cheese sandwich?
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Wow for that price they better include some gold with the order!
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You better stock up on it before Obama's Massive inflation hits. icon_mrgreen.gif
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Wowza, I'll bet it's good though!
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At that price it better be damn good.
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Get the PORK otta here!!!!! Ain't no way I'm gettin that until Obama adopts me.......Not!!!!!!! LOLPDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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What do you mean obama makes his sandwiches with that stuff and we just get to pay for it remember the 100.00 a piece steaks for about 2 dozen people we already bought. Don't forget the 30.00 mayo and the 150.00 hunk of cheese made specially for him and jesse jackson.
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Actually that ham is the best in the world, very specialized area and process making it.

$300 a pound.....I need to get some pigs in the backyard biggrin.gif
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Oh Man.

But....Oh man. Does that look GOOD!

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$300 sounds plenty fair - as long as it's for a Lifetime Supply!
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Yeah, I just threw out 3 pounds of it. It was in the back of the fridge and I forgot about it.

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Buy it and invite a few people over and ask..."do you know what it's like to eat a porsche, well now you do"
That's insane...the meat better go down and give me an internal massage. It better turn into solid gold in my intestines and.....well you know.

I've had bear, elk, antelope, moose, deer, beef, pork, and all sorts of bird and NOTHING has been worth that price.
If you do get a chance, try smoked bear burger. The meat is kinda creamy and smoky even before it go's into the smoker.
$300 a Lb, LoL that great
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Well we could always have a BBQ Cookoff with your ham and the Bontebok I found on SALE for $99.999.99. LOL
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I have had the Pate Negra about a year ago. My wife and I like to go to this spanish Tapas restaurant in Chicago. It was on the menu so I had to try it. I am not a big Proscuitto fan but this was good.
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