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Can't wait about to load the smoker with this recipie
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Am i missing the part about how much salt goes into this recipe? .75 granulated salt? .75 whats?

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Originally Posted by norcalfrog View Post

Am i missing the part about how much salt goes into this recipe? .75 granulated salt? .75 whats?

3/4 teaspoon is what I did.
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Originally Posted by Scarbelly View Post

We just finished smoking some almonds - killer recipe
2 TBS Butter
2 TBS + 1 Tsp Tabasco
1.5 Tsp Worstehire
.5 Tsp Dry Mustard
.75 Tsp Garlic Powder
.75 Tsp granulated salt
2 Cups Raw Almonds

Mix in bowl and let sit for 30 min - drain and add to aluminum pan with ridges to sit on rack - preheat oven to 225 with applewood chunks

Smoke stirring every 30 min for 90 min

Season with the items below to finish
Pinch of smoked hickory salt at the finish
Pinch of popcorn salt at the finish
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Trying this tonight

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I made these almonds tonight just as the recipe was written and whew they were good! My first attempt at almonds and I'm happy I started with this recipe.

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Looks Great.  The wife is wanting something sweet.  I am trying to figure out the best way. Maybe butter and brown sugar?  Not sure.  And smoke with Maple pellets!  Keep everyone posted!  BTW, Scarbelly, we are practically Neighbors.  I am in Lake Elsinore!

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Ok, I have these on the smoker right now. How do I know when they are done? They smell awesome at one hour in.
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Well, pulled them at three hours. A little more heat than I think my family will like, but I like them.
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Just tried these the other day and man are they good.

I made one batch as per the recipe and then a 2nd substituting maple syrup(#3 dark) for the butter.   Added a since little sweetness and made the spices really stick to the almonds. 


Also, I cooked them on a grease splatter guard that I have been using for smoked salt. I did not bother stirring them as I figured the mesh of the splatter guard would negate the need to stir them and I was right.  I cooked at 140 for 30min and then 225 for 1.5hrs and they came out perfect. I only did the first 30min at 140 as I get better smoke with my smokin it 2D if I ramp up the temp as opposed to  just jumping to 225 right off the bat.

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Here is my latest go with smoked almonds, plain kosher salt on the bottom and Caribbean jerk seasoned on top tray. 3 hours @275 with hickory.
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