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1st ABT's with q-view

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First go with the ECB Gourmet, smoked a pizza fattie (seperate post) and ABT's (this post) I was pretty impressed with how the ECB held the heat, held at about 275* for about 4 hours with one full chimmney of briquets, a full water pan, and three chunks of mesquite (i like the smoky flavor) smoked the fattie and the ABT's for about 2 hours at about 275*...q-view!

no ingredient spread, not enough time, clean hands and click the pix...
used cream cheese, mexican blend cheese (already shredded sargento type), cocktail weiners-nathan's brand (i can't find litl smokies anywhere on Long Island-what gives?), bacon and jalapenos

mixed cream cheese with some of the cheese and a bit of some southwest seasoning. Piped into the jalapenos (i did the canoe style) using a baggie with the corner snipped off, worked like a charm...

smoked and done! i used skewers through the bacon and the wiener to secure the ABT

done after 2 hours, no leftovers! they were super yummy!

Thanks to everyone here, made my first attempt a success!
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those look awesome, nice first go of it. points.gif
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Wow! They look great, congrats on such a success for your first go.
Bet the Nathan's were great inside of them.
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They look great, got me wanting to make some now. I guess tomorrow will have to do... biggrin.gif
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Looks great man. Good Job! Points to ya.
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Those ABT's look awesome. Nice job
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Looks good Natureman I like the skrewers nice idea.
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Nice! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Good job on your first abt's.
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Looks good my friend. Where on Long Island are you?
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not to far from you! i'm in Islip is momma lombardi's market? been meaning to get there and see what they got...

thanks for all the kudos!
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