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packer or flat???

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what do you guys like better ??? I can get flats for $4.99 but they are smaller like 4-lbs at the local sweetbay. I called my local butcher and he has some 10-lb plus packer briskets in there for $2.29-lb. so if it were you witch would you go for? I'm leaning toward the packer due to its size, I think it might cook better than the smaller ones. Let me know what you pro,s think
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Just remember with the packer you are going to have to trim off some of the fat, though I think $4.29lb for a whole packer is kind of pricey anyway.
You may get more meat for a slightly lesser price but imagine how much of it you will lose when trimming, especially if you sepepate the flat and point.
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I am not a pro, But I personally would go with the packer.
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I would imagine at that price it's a trimmed whole brisket, not a 'just-cut-off-the-forequarter' brisket minus the bone (packer brisket). I'd go for the larger as I like the tip and it's more-marbled texture, adds FAT to the cut (Flavor And Tenderness).
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PDT_Armataz_01_12.gifGO PACKER WELL WORTH IT AND YOU CAN USE THE POINT TO PULL!!!!!!!!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Go with a packer, but, maybe not where you're looking...that's STEEP.

Sam's Club...$1.88/lb for full packers.

Last one I did was 16.27 lbs...trimmed and seperated, it lost 5-1/4 lbs...4 lbs-14 oz went to the freezer for adding to meat grinds (6 oz hit the trash).

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Packer...but not at that price.

The reason is this...There is nothing I like better than the super smokey crusty buttery flavor of burnt ends in a tangy and spicy sauce. IMHO, you have to get these from the point. Just cut it off and slide it back into the smoker for a few hours to render some more after the rest of the brisket is in the cooler resting. This makes any brisket smoke even more delicious, and a pre trimmed flat would deprive me of this delicacy...I won't stand for that!
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sorry guys I messed up on the price of the whole packer it is $2.29-lb and he said it was a pretty lean one not to much fat on it. I'm sure it has good fat on it just not to much he said.
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Ah...that's not bad. Yeah, I'd go for it then!

Good smokes to ya!

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Agreed, 2.29 not so bad.
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Lenny, I assume GFS didn't have any packers. They usually do up by me in Clearwater. Still $2.29 is way better than what they charge at Sweetbay and Publix. Go with the packer for sure. I would cook it whole but if you want to speed up the cooking you could remove the point from the flat. There is a ton of fat at that juncture. Don't remove too much.

Try burnt ends with the point. Your guests will love it.
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PACKER!!!!!....GO BIG OR GO HOME!!!!!.....jmobiggrin.gif
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I haven't got a chance to get over to GFS yet tocheck them out.

What are these BURNT ENDS you speak of??
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Burnt ends-
Here are a few links to where folks did them

Basically you smoke the brisket, remove the point and cut it into cubes, smoke them for another few hours and either eat them or add some of your favorite BBQ sauce and smoke a bit more.
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Definitely the packer.
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Looks like you're getting great advice here, but I will add one thing. The flat, being leaner and smaller, is far more apt to end up too dry. I know I have had trouble with them. Some people on the board insist their smoked flats are tender and moist every time, but I haven't shared their good fortune.
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I 100% definitely agree,the whole packer!!!!
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ok so I should get the packer and smoke it whole then toke off the " point " cut it up and then but that back into the smoker?

at what point do I take the paker out of the smoker to cut off the point?
How long do I smoke the cut up point for to make the burnt ends?
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Cook your brisket till you want to stick it in the cooler to rest. Before you rest it, slice the point off (there is a nice fat layer that will separate the flat and the point) and then stick that back in the smoker to render more of the fat out, take on more smoke, and get happy. Smoke it for 2-3 hours more depending on size. Then cube it up and coat it with your favorite sauce...MMMMMMM! The result will be wonderfully smoky, buttery smooth brisket that restaurants here in Kansas City sell out of. You're gonna love it!
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