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Got my new smoker

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Went up to Bass Pro today and picked up my new smoker. A Horizon Ranger. Waited for a month for the guy to bring the Yoder. Just got tired of his excuses. So here it is.

Already have a couple of mods in mind for it and have ordered a couple of things for it like the convection plate and another thermometer for the vertical section. Now to get it seasoned and get some meat on it. I can't wait. Thanks for looking.
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Congrats on the new smoker. Sure is a beauty.
How many times have you hugged her today?
Even now I bet you have a nice grin on your face with such a great new toy.
Wish I had a Bass Pro, or Wally World, or Cabela's around here.
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Very nice rig. I checked those out the last time i was at Bass Pro. Well built. Good luck.
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Hey...Congratulations to you on your new Smoker! I wonder how long will it be before your neighbor in the next yard with the Kettle decides to join the fun too? biggrin.gif
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Very nice, what size is it? One thing I would do is to check the therm that comes with the Horizon. Mine, I went through 4 of them, were all off by a large margin. I finally ordered a couple of Tru-Tels and am very happy with them.

You will definitely love that rig once ya get used to it. They are very well made.
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Nice smoker. Congratulations !!!!! Now it's time to get some meat on it!!!!!
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That is really cool. Looks like it is built to last several lifetimes. How hard is it to move around looks HEAVY.
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Wow - great looking!!
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Nice smoker

Sure is a nice one you got there. Sure would like to see more photo's of the inside og the smoker and how they connect to each other!

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Congrats PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Can't wait to see the TBS and the Qview of the goodies coming out of it
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Great lookin toy biggrin.gif
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Nice Smoker, You should be in seventh heaven now, the wife will never get you off the patio. LOL points.gif
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If I had a wife, do you think she would let me buy a toy like that? icon_rolleyes.gif

Hang in there Thomas, I'll get you some.
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Great looking rig!
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Ok Thomas, here you go.

Hope this helps you out.
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And therein lies the problem: A wife wouldn't let you get that, but without a wife and family how often can you make real use of it?! Use it once, fill the freezer... and you wouldn't be using it again for a month and a half.

And if you're only smoking a chicken for tonight's dinner, of course, you're wasting all that capacity.
Nonetheless it's an awesome lookin' rig. Enjoy!!
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Good Point, Never thought of that. LOL
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Congratulations on the new smoker! Nice looking rig.
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Sweet. Congratulations.
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Wow, that nice, first time I saw one of those. A bit pricey too. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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