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Vacum cureing

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Howdy All,
Have a question about cureing canadian bacon,
Does anyone have any knowledge of vacum cureing vs. cureing in zip locks?
Does it make a difference in cure absobtion ? does it shorten cureing times?
If there is 0 difference then i won't waste vacum bags.
Just a few ??? that i hope one of y'all may have an answer for.
Thanks, Eman
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I've used the vacuum to marinade. I think it pulls the marinade in quicker and more thorough. I would assume the same in curing but I've never seen any times on it.
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I'm getting ready to do some pastrami from scratch and I was planning on curing in the vacuum seal bags, weighing it down and massaging for 4-5 days. From different reading I have done this is a good way to go, but since it will be my first time I couldn't tell you how well it works.
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