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First off, Happy Birthday Dude!

As I read your explanation, the sentence above stuck with me...I read every reply to see if anyone else caught it, and sure enough, MeatHunter was on top of it. We were thinking the exact same thing.

Next time, it should go something like this...

I prepped big bird, made a special rub, drank half a beer and then stuffed the can up get the picture! biggrin.gif
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I was running between 225 and 240 most of the day. There were a couple of times that it jumped up to 250 and once it dropped to 200. But I got both of those under control pretty quick.

Pops that is EXCELLENT information. Yes, I'd love to see it in photo form too if you do one. I'd go so far as to suggest you posting this on it's own and let's ask the moderators to make it a sticky. I know I'm not the only one who doesn't know the proper way to carve a bird.

LOL. Yeah, I guess I did pour it out. Oops. But worry not, I had a fridge full and the lips got to see plenty of barley pop pass through.

Thanks to everyone with the nice birthday wishes and for checking out my messed up smoke. A blind man would have been none the wiser, the flavor was great. Maybe next time I'll try a brine. Then again, I've got quarters nailed down to the point to where I can about do them in my sleep. Maybe I should just stick to those. icon_redface.gif.

Thanks again everyone.
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First off, Happy Birthday-Suit-Day (If you DRANK the beer you'd have more of these! ...followed by 'Covered-in-sharpie-headache-nausia-Days'!)!

Second off, I'm the third to find the FAIL. That's Blasphemy Dude. That's alcohol abuse... Unless, ofcourse you were feeling a bit woozy from the FIRST ELEVEN silver bullets.

Nonetheless that bird looks good enough to eat, and I have this sneaking suspicion that that's the point...icon_mrgreen.gif
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Hey Dude, Happy Birthday!!

I'd similar problems with my first beer can chicken, solution I found was to chuck a lemon and an onion in the smoker while it's getting to heat. I then halved them & shoved half the smoked hot onion, then half the smoked hot lemon in the cavity.This gave a hot stuffing, reducing the risk of undercooking the bird, it doesn't have to stand on end, and the smoke, onion & lemon taste gets into the meat from the inside to add to the rub & smoke from the outside. I used the other halves to make sauces.

I will try your rub though - sounds like the perfect compliment to the stuffing!!
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Thanks for the B-day wishes. The onion and lemon trick sounds like a good idea.
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is there such a thing? Damn, that's Chi-bacon man! :-D PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Hey happy B-day!

Man I had that happen with the beer can too, would not fit so had to cook it flat. came out great though
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I used a can of Coors Light. I poured half of it out, and poked holes all around it for the steam to escape. I also put in a few tablespoons of the butter/rub compound.


So I couldnt help but noticed you used one of the "Cold Activated" cans that Coors has been using for some time now. Did you keep the beer can in the whole time even after you realized it couldnt stand? I've always used Bud or Miller cans for my chickens even if I had to go out and buy a 6er because I worried about that blue liner in the can imparting some nasty chemicals into my food. Oh yeah and pouring out beer? Rookie mistake, I know. Happy Belated!
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Fist of all Happy B-day from a fellow July birthdayer!

..... an second: aren't you supposed to carve chicken with a chainsaw?! Has always worked for me PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif.

Good looking smoke! Im waiting for Costco to have their buy 2 chickens get 2 free sale, then I will try my hand at beer can chicken as well. Might have to steel that rub points.gif
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