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Poblano pepper ABT's w/q-view

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couldnt find any good looking jalapenos, so I went with poblano peppers stuffed with cream cheese, and a sport pepper.

cream cheese mixture was: cream cheese, yellow curry, poblano scraps, celery leaves, italian parsley, green onion, sririachi sauce, black pepper, jack cheese.

turned out great, and really hot

some ingredients:


ready for the smoker:

finished ABT's:

thanks for looking
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Nice those ABT's look awesome...
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I was "worried" about the heat not being enough, the curry, sririachi, whole sport peppers, and the poblano scraps took car of that. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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I like the idea of poblanto if you cann't find what you want you do the next best thing. Good Eats
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gotta be flexible right? icon_smile.gif
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nice job again Jim.I only grew 4 poblanos this year- i usualy let them turn red for ancho powder- but will try stuffing a few.

They do make a good rellenos pepper as well.

Thanks for Q-view
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Wow that is great! I have 4 poblano plants, they have little peppers so hopefully I'll get something good out of them. Giant ABTs, I love it.
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Excellent ABT's! My kids and I agree......points.gif

All three of us are gathered around the computer drooling this morning!
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Jimmy - you've proved to be one of the members that have that unique creativity to produce some out-of-the-box ideas (and quite tasty looking ones, I might add..). Great smoke, and thanks for sharing!
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thanks for the kind words all, and thanks for looking at the pics,

I came up with putting the sport peppers inside the poblano because I was concerned the poblano & the filling wouldnt have enough heat. This remedied the situation, they were plenty hot.
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great looking ABT's where theres a will theres a way,great work!
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Nice! I like using the poblanos more than the jalapenos, seem to have a lot more flavor to the pepper itself. Easier to stuff, too. icon_smile.gif
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Nice! Very, very nice!!

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