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4th of July Ribs QView

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Nice! Looks like people were having a good time too.
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Looks good PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif I also like the pasta salad as one of the sides
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Great looking ribs.
How many cats ya got? I counted 5.
Did you share any ribs with them?
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My friend calls my ma's farm the Animal Kingdom. There are a lot of animals...and a lot of cats. :-) They got a taste of the ribs for sure, although there was not much left on them bones after folks were done with them.

Also the pasta salad was real tasty and pretty easy. I like all the colors, it's a good looking salad.
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Great lookin ribs, I could almost taste them here.points.gif
And deviled eggs, one of my true weaknesses!!!
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Great Views...Thanks for sharing.
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