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what ??????????????????????????????????????????
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where's this at as it is August 4th. Did I miss something?

A code word / signal (hand sign), and ingredient list will be posted to this thread on Saturday August 1st (Friday midnight). The code work must be written on an object or hand signal used, and included in each photo.
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The throwdown was pushed back from the first weekend in August due to BBQ obligations Herky had so we will be doing this on the upcoming weekend, secret ingredients to be announced when the throwdown begins.
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Dang it all to heck! I am going to be home. Dad has a smoker there but its a ECb... Well none the less I will try it although I am unfamiliar with the smoker. SPREAD IT ON!!
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If I read the first post in this thread correctly, multiple entries in the backyard BBQ/Tailgater category are allowed. Right?

If multiple entries are allowed, can they be submitted at different times during the contest?

Will everybodies entries be available for viewing when they are submitted, or not until after the deadline?
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No opnly one entry per category. I was just trying to get across for the ingredient category that there will be multiple ingredient types, but only one entry for that category.

Since the contest goes all week, you COULD submit all the images on the forum, but, well, somebody might steal an idea.

Only the required images need to be PM'd during the week to be considered an entry. Full posting need to be done by the following Sunday.
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Count me in!
I've got a couple outside the box ideas hmmmmmmmmm.
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When and at what time will the secret ingredients be posted, I would love to get in this but time is an issue for me..

Opps just found out thanks guys for putting this on.......
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Sorry folks, but I STILL don't see any secret code or hand sign that I need to have to enter. icon_redface.gif
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I am confused about this code word/hand sign. Why is this necessary? Please forgive my newbishness.
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Posting tonight around 11

Secret sign / word is to show that you made the fattie this week, and wasn't something made months ago.

FYI tomorrow morning I'll be out of the house but back in the afternoon if there are additional questions. Or ask now :D
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Am I right in assuming there's something amiss in fattie-land?
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Looks to me like someone is playing Chinese Fire Drill with the messages. They are all mixed up... icon_question.gificon_rolleyes.gif
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Let me know what is confusing, its all laid out there in the first post.
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It is NOT the contest it is the messages... My computer is showing them all out of order.

Your post on the ingredients and code word are showing up as message #2 back at the start of the thread instead of yesterday when you posted it.
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so how do we submit? It mentions "forms', where do I find those?
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Submit pics to me or fireitup to be considered in a PM. Since this will run all week, you dont have to post the full Forum thread until next sunday, but we want to make sure everyone is accounted for.
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Sounds great. Pulling of the badboy in about 15 minutes. I got good documentation. Can't wait for dinner.icon_mrgreen.gif
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FMCowboy--HerkySprings meant 'forums', not 'forms'. Start a thread on the Fattie Forum with the build of your fattie, if you want to. You still have to PM HerkySprings or FireItUp with the pics they want. That's my understanding, anyway.
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Ahhh, no wonder I got confused. You're editing a month old post.
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