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I am going to be smoking some pork butts for pulled pork sandwhiches. I need to do them ahead of time and need to freeze them. Is it better to freeze them before or after I pull them apart. And what would be the best way to heat them up after freezing? Any help would be great.......
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Pull first, then freeze, preferably in a vacuum sealed bag, but DEFINITELY pull first! You can reheat a number of ways, in a slow cooker, or an extremely low temp in your oven or on your grill would be preferable so that you're not cooking the meat more. I did one a few weeks ago and reheated in an aluminum pan on indirect heat on the grill and it was great!
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Pull them and then freeze.

When you heat it up, use a bit of water, or apple juice on a plate in the microwave, or if your container allows, heat it up in boiling water. I usually pull mine out of the freezer the night before.
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Hey ok I will be pulling first. Thanks alot........
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Pulling Pork

I would pull it first, then freeze it and when your ready to use it leave it thaw then put it back in the oven on 225 to bring it back up to temp. This is the way I have always done it, you'll never know it was frozen.

Happy SmokeN'
Sunny St. Petersburg, FL
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Yeah I've eating PP all the way through the winter. I cook near the end of fall, and freeze it in lunch sized bags. I think the last bit I had was probably 4-5 months frozen, and only started to lose a bit of its BBQ awesomeness.
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My sister just opened up an Ice Cream shop. And wants to sell smoked meat sandwhiches starting early fall. So I need to smoke things ahead of time and freeze them. I hope it works out well, am a little excited about selling stuff I smoke. Wish me luck. Probably be heating it back up in an oven or slow cooker.......
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smoked meat sandwich

I would invest in a vacuum sealer. You could pack a portion in the vac bag with your finishing sauce in with it and either heat in boiling water or nuke it cut it open and put on a bun. Or you could do bigger batches and boile it and keep warm in a crock pot untill serving. Good luck with your venture.
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I agree with the other folks that said get a vacuum sealer system. They're inexpensive and keep food good a lot longer than freezer wrap or freezer bags.
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Pull and then freeze in vacuum bags, reheat in hot water. That is what I did and it worked great! You can read about it here......
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I've never had any last long enough to freeze so I'm no expert but I believe if you are using a vinegar based finishing sauce it will make your meat mushy if you use it before freezing. I would wait until its being served to use the sauce.
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I pull before vacuum sealing then into the freezer. If I'm reheating a fairly small amount like dinner for 4-6 people I add a little finishing sauce then use a rice steamer. If doing a large quantity I use a foil roasting pan add finishing sauce cover tight with foil and put into the oven at 225. If you choose not to use the finishing sauce you can use a little apple juice in its place
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I do just like piney said throw it in vacuum bag to freeze and steamer to reheat it works great and the meat is hot and juicy.
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Hey thanks for all the advice............
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