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Chuckie and his friends.

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Today I had my brother and his wife over for dinner. The day started mighty early at around 4 this morning. Only having done one other chuck roast and underestimating the time to get it done I wanted to get a good start on the day. Got the smoker up to temps fairly quick and pulled the meat from the fridge right into the smoker.

Here we have a chuckster, pork shoulder for pp and my very first bb ribs.

A better shot of the pork.

I was really surprised the pork roast and the chuck roast hit their mark minutes within each other. It took roughly 7 hours (taken to 200F for pulling on both) for a 4.5 lb chuckie and the same size pork shoulder, bone in.

The bb ribs were put on around 10 am, I did a 2-2-45 on them. While they were very tasty next time I'm going pull the time back a tad. Somewhere around 2-1-1 I think will do.

Our company showed up a tad early so pics of the roasts before pulling never got taken, sorry.

We did get some of the final product though.

Here we have some pp.

Up next is the pulled chuck roast.

Finally the bb ribs.

Thanks for checking out the Qview.
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All looks really good Rick. Those ribs have a real nice bark to them. Was that the work of the Horizon?
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Gorgeous! What did you rub the chuck with?
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Nice job there rick I no you guys ate it all right. Keep smoking.
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That's some good looking meat! Thanks for sharing the pics.
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It was indeed on the Horizon Bill. The more I cook on that machine the more I like (love) it. It's a heck of a unit.

The rub for the chuckie was salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, lemon pepper, cumin and red pepper. I would tell ya the the measurements but I'm a dump it all in and see if it looks good guy
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Looking real good.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice job Rick. Some great looking smoke there...
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Thanks everyone.
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Looks dang good. Good job on the smoke those ribs look awesome
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I must say the whole cook looks fantastic! Those ribs are real traffic stopperspoints.gif
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Man, I keep missin' these good Q-views!

Looks mighty dandy to me, Mark!

Nice feed!

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Thanks fellas.
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Rick that was some excellent looking bbq and your ribs looked fantastic. I could almost smell that meaty goodness from here.

Points, buddy!

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Thanks Rivet.
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